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|qcat = Origin Quest
|qcat = Origin Quest
|location = [[Proving Grounds]]
|location = [[Proving Grounds]]
|start = [[Beraht's Shop]] ([[Beraht]])
|start = [[Beraht]]
|end = [[Lenka]]
|end = [[Lenka]]
|other npcs = [[Jarvia]], [[Mainar]], [[Adalbo]], [[Lenka]]
|other npcs = [[Jarvia]], [[Mainar]], [[Adalbo]], [[Lenka]]

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Ready to concede defeat, Everd? - Mainar

What began as another dirty job for Beraht became a turning point that the Warden only dared to dream of...


The Warrior Caste is holding a Proving today. Beraht has lots of coins riding on the young fighter Everd and wants you to make sure he wins. Beraht gave you a drug to use on Mainar, Everd's opponent.


With your pass, the Proving Grounds is now open to you. Touching the stone Carving facing the entrance will yield Codex Entry: Dwarven Faith. A little farther back is Duncan, the conversation with whom will give Codex Entry: Duncan, Codex Entry: The Grey Wardens, and Codex Entry: Darkspawn. Everd’s quarters is located in the only accessible combatant area.

Unfortunately, Everd is quite drunk and unable to fight. You will decide (or Leske will convince you) to don Everd's armor and win the Proving in Everd’s name. In this conversation, you must choose to:

  • Poison the Mainar’s water yourself by (temporarily) directing Mainar to some other place (as either Everd or yourself)
  • Order Leske to do the poisoning, by distracting Mainar while he does so (as either Everd or yourself)
  • Abstain from poisoning the water and win by skill (and Everd’s relatively better gears) alone

The former two options require a point in Coercion.

Note: It is, as of the time of this writing and on the PC version set at the normal difficulty, dubious whether the drug makes a meaningful difference in the fight with Mainar.

The Proving will begin once your decision is made (and Mainar’s room will be closed once you’ve decided against using the drug), so proceed to the Proving Grounds, where you will be pitted against three warriors, in this order:

  • Mainar
  • Adalbo
  • Lenka (a Silent Sister)

Enjoy the conversation after Lenka has fallen.


Everd stumbles upon your impersonation, prompting the guardsmen to swarm over you and lock you up.

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