Proving Loyalties is the second quest in the Dwarf Commoner Origin. A large Proving is being held today and the best from the Warrior Caste will compete to win glory and perhaps a place within the Grey Warden ranks. However, Beraht will obviously try to make some profit out of it.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Once Beraht's Favor is concluded, Beraht will give you a new task. If Beraht knows that the Dwarf Commoner didn't kill Oskias or knows that the latter tried to scam him, he'll also mention that this is the last chance for the Dwarf Commoner. Beraht will then say that he has put a lot of money on the young fighter Everd defeating Mainar in the Proving. However Mainar is an accomplished veteran so Everd has little chances of beating Mainar. For that reason he wants the Dwarf Commoner and Leske to enter the Proving Grounds and slip a drug on Mainar's water basin which if Mainar drinks it, will make him less effective on the field and give an advantage on Everd. He will also repeat his threat to the Dwarf Commoner that he has put a lot of money on this and their life is hanging on the outcome of this task.

Once he finishes, he gives the Dwarf Commoner the Drug which will be used on Mainar and also the Proving Pass; with this, the Proving Grounds are now available to be accessed. Touching the stone carving facing the Grounds' entrance will yield Codex entry: Dwarven Faith. Among spectators is Duncan, with whom Leske will dare you to converse. Speaking with Duncan yields Codex entry: Duncan, Codex entry: The Grey Wardens, Codex entry: Darkspawn, and Codex entry: The Blights. Everd's quarters are located in the only accessible combatant area.

Everd and Mainar

Upon entering his quarters the Dwarf Commoner finds Everd drunk and taking a nap, unable to wake up after his drinking. Leske then repeats his warnings about what will happen if they fail. You will decide (or Leske will convince you) to equip Everd's armor and win the Proving in Everd's name. There is no alternative. You will also automatically receive the Fight Schedule. In this conversation however you can choose to:

  • Abstain from poisoning the water and win without cheating
  • Ask Leske to do the poisoning, by distracting Mainar while he does so (as either Everd or yourself)
    • If the Dwarf Commoner pretends to be Everd, they should just speak with Mainar long enough while Leske puts the drug on his water basin. Otherwise, the Dwarf Commoner should pretend to be a fan which even if the persuasion choice isn't picked, as long as the conversation about his past campaigns holds long enough, Leske will manage to do his task
  • Poison Mainar's water yourself while Leske is checking for the guards (as either Everd or yourself)
    • The Dwarf Commoner will need to pass a persuade check. If they are pretending to be Everd, the will have to persuade him that they need to go and speak to the Proving Master, otherwise they'll need to persuade him that they are here to replace the water. The latter option will also make Mainar give you a tip of 5Bronze (even if he mentions three in the dialogue).
Note: All persuasion checks require one point in Coercion to be successful.
Note: Apparently, the drug in-game does not make Mainar less effective. However it does affect his pre-fight speech.

Everd's armory includes the following plot items, which cover all melee weapon styles:

None of his gear has a strength requirement. The Dwarf Commoner will be regarded as Everd, as long as they have Everd's Armor and Everd's Helm equipped.

Additionally, his gear will be taken away from the protagonist at the end of the battle while they are unable to sell it before that as Leske will stop you from walking out of the Proving Grounds.

Note: If you equip some of Everd's equipments on Leske however, you can keep them afterwards for the rest of the game.
Note: Everd's armor set does not apply bonuses, so you may want to use other equipment in the place of Everd's Gloves and Everd's Boots.

The Proving


Once the situation with Mainar is dealt with, in any way, you'll hear the Proving Master calling the fighters Everd and Mainar to make the final preparations before their battle starts. If Mainar's water basin was successfully poisoned, his speech before the fight will be incoherent. Proceed to the arena, and you will be pitted against three warriors:

Unlike the other fighters, Lenka will fight to the death as it is her final fight before her blooding is complete and is fully accepted within the Silent Sisters making her a slightly stronger opponent. Once she is killed, the Proving Master will start announcing the final round when Everd awakes from his drunken stupor and runs into the arena apparently thinking he is late for the Proving, as the Proving Master mentions his name, only to realize that an impostor is dressed in his armor.

Enraged Proving Master and watchers

This prompts Mainar to identify Everd as the person who just entered the ring while the Proving Master orders the Dwarf Commoner to remove their helmet in order to reveal their identity. Once the Commoner removes the helmet and it is revealed that they are a casteless dwarf, there is an angry outburst from the Proving Master and the other watchers which ends only when the Proving Master orders the arrest of the Dwarf Commoner for defiling the sacred constitution of the Provings.

Result[edit | edit source]

The Dwarf Commoner takes some of the guards down before being taken down themselves and losing consciousness. The Proving Loyalties quest is ended and Captured starts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Varick is among those who watched this proving.
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