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The Proving Armsman is a Provings official. He is responsible with providing arms and armor to fighters. The Armsman can be found in the northernmost room in the Orzammar Proving.

Background Edit

He is also secretly involved in scheduling unofficial fights in the arena. This is, however, illegal by the Assembly because the dwarves believe that in the Provings the Ancestors show their favor to the winner and thus it is considered desecration if they become just a blood sport. However, the Armsman rejects that and blames the nobles for restricting them.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden enters his room and converses with the Armsman, the latter will inform the Warden that many fighters wish to duel the Warden because of their exotic training. These fighters come from younger warrior houses and do not often get a chance to test themselves in the Provings. Then he will invite the Warden in these unofficial fights while remarking that the real reward isn't monetary but skill and the chance to show it.

This initiates the unmarked quest Proving After Dark. The party will fight four times against a team of four fighters. After each victory, the Armsman will congratulate the Warden and give 12DAO silverpiece trans as a portion of the receipts. After the fourth team is defeated, he will reward the Warden with the Blood Ring and thank them for teaching the fighters some valuable lessons. It should be noted that these fights can be initiated even after the quest line A Paragon of Her Kind is completed.

Quotes Edit

  • Proving Armsman: "In fact, a few were hoping you'd take part in some... informal action."
  • The Warden: "Informal? You mean illegal."
  • Proving Armsman: "Assembly restricted, not illegal. All that ritual lets nobles rationalize it's not a blood sport. They don't like commoners using the arena for 'petty squabbles'."
  • Proving Armsman: "Some of us prefer an honest spectacle. And sometimes someone needs a good beating and all that talking gets in the way."
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