Proving After Dark is an unmarked[1] side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

In the northernmost room of the Orzammar Proving, the Proving Armsman is located. If the Warden speaks with him, he will offer a series of unofficial fights in the arena. These fights are secret and illegal by the Assembly because the dwarves believe that in the Provings the Ancestors show their favor, however the Armsman considers it to be just a blood sport so it doesn't make sense to be restricted.

Proving Armsman map location

Map location of the Proving Armsman

In these fights, the opposing teams employ unorthodox tactics such as using casteless from the Dust Town or mages, while dirty fighting is not forbidden.

Walkthrough Edit

Each fight consists of the Warden and party fighting another team of four opponents. These fights are more challenging than the regular Proving matches and can be initiated even after the quest line A Paragon of Her Kind is completed.

Note: After each fight, you can choose to immediately start the next fight through the dialog options with the Armsman. If you do this, your party will not regenerate any health or mana from the previous fight. You should choose the dialog option to come back later, then regenerate to prevent this.

Fights Edit

First match:
Second match:
  • Champion (human warrior, sword & shield)
  • Proving Fighter (dwarven warrior, dual-wield)
  • Proving Fighter (dwarven warrior, sword & shield, normal rank)
  • Dust Town Thug (dwarven rogue, archer)
Third match:
  • Proving Fighter (dwarven warrior, two-handed)
  • Arcane Warrior (elf mage, two-handed)
  • Proving Fighter (dwarven warrior, two-handed)
  • Dust Town Thug (dwarven rogue, archer)
Fourth match:
  • Champion (human warrior, sword & shield)
  • Proving Fighter (dwarven warrior, two-handed)
  • Dust Town Thug (dwarven rogue, archer)
  • Elven Healer (elf)
Note: All the fighters' rank is lieutenant, except of the sword & shield Proving Fighter in the second round.

Rewards Edit

  • Each fight won provides 12DAO silverpiece trans
  • Ico ring Blood Ring — for winning all four fights
  • Ico codex entry Codex entry: Blood Ring — automatically gained with the ring

References Edit

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