Protect Clan Lavellan is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This operation will only be available if the Inquisitor is of elven origin and has completed the operation Contact Clan Lavellan with Josephine or Leliana and the main quest In Your Heart Shall Burn.

Operation text[edit | edit source]


I would not trouble you normally. You have enough on your shoulders, fighting ancient Tevinter magisters while representing your people. Unfortunately, the rifts that plague this land have spread chaos and fear along with them, and many seek to take advantage of it.

Bandits are attacking Clan Lavellan. The raiders are well armed and heavily armored, and they come in numbers our hunters cannot match. We had settled in a small unclaimed valley not far from Wycome, a safe place with few rifts—but these bandits may force us to seek a new home. If your Inquisition can help, you might save our clan much hardship.

Dareth shiral,

Keeper Istimaethoriel Lavellan

Advisor suggestions[edit | edit source]

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:12:00[edit | edit source]

The Duke of Wycome is an Inquisition ally; it is odd for him to let bandits so close to his city. Perhaps he could help the Dalish.

Leliana - 0:15:00[edit | edit source]

These seem too powerful to be mere bandits. My skirmishers can harass their flanks and give the Dalish a chance to retreat safely while I uncover the truth.

Cullen - 0:15:00[edit | edit source]

No simple bandits would attack a Dalish camp with such force. My troops can give the Dalish much-needed support.

Results[edit | edit source]

Josephine[edit | edit source]

Ambassador Montilyet,

I regret that my help for your Dalish allies came too late to be of use. By the time my forces arrived in the area, the Dalish had been scattered or killed, and there seems little left of their clan.

I understand your Inquisitor must be feeling the loss of his/her clan. Please accept these gifts and my promise of future help whenever it is necessary.


Duke Antoine of Wycome

Leliana[edit | edit source]


Our operatives harassed the enemy and created enough confusion for the Dalish to withdraw safely to a more defensible area.

After investigation, your suspicions were correct: these are bandits in name only. Though they wear no colors, they are mercenaries, bought and paid for by Duke Antoine of Wycome himself. It is unclear what caused Antoine to turn on the Dalish, but he should not be trusted. In public, he fully supports the Inquisition, even pledging gold to our coffers, but he has a private agenda, currently unknown.

I can continue gathering information, but suspicions in Wycome are high after the bandits ran into trouble, and any sabotage inside the city runs a high risk of detection.


Cullen[edit | edit source]

Commander Cullen,

Our troops made good time to Wycome and entered the valley in force. The Dalish were greatly surprised to see Inquisition soldiers coming to fight on their behalf, but when we broke the line of attacking bandits, the Dalish were quick enough to fight by our side.

Our combined forces killed most of the bandits and drove the few survivors away. I doubt they will be coming back, though they were indeed well-armed.

Duke Antoine of Wycome offered his gratitude for dealing with the bandits and gave the Inquisition his hospitality while we were near his city. He has promised to ensure that no further harm comes to the Dalish while they are near Wycome.

Lieutenant Rozellene Chambreterre

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Josephine[edit | edit source]

  • Gold (90-100)
Note: Clan Lavellan is killed off making it impossible to obtain a reward. With Trespasser installed, Sera mentions that Wycome has sight of a survivor.

Leliana[edit | edit source]

Cullen[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Operation clarification[edit | edit source]

There are two fork possibilities that will lead to a successful outcome:

Fork one:

Contact Clan Lavellan with Josephine or Leliana leads to: Protect Clan Lavellan
Protect Clan Lavellan with Leliana leads to: Investigate Duke Antoine of Wycome
Investigate Duke Antoine of Wycome with Josephine leads to: Stop Purge of Wycome's Elves
Stop Purge of Wycome's Elves with Leliana leads to: Protect Clan Lavellan and Wycome

Fork two:

Contact Clan Lavellan with Josephine or Leliana leads to: Protect Clan Lavellan
Protect Clan Lavellan with Cullen leads to: Break Venatori Hold on Wycome
Break Venatori Hold on Wycome with Leliana leads to: Restore Order in Wycome
Restore Order in Wycome with Leliana leads to: Protect Clan Lavellan and Wycome
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