Promoting Barris is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

With the death of the false Lord Seeker, the templars are without a commanding officer. Ser Barris has led templar forces through several successful operations—displaying bravery, quick thinking, and resourcefulness. He would make an excellent knight-commander.

Acquisition Edit

Available once Barris' war table operation chain has been completed. The operations that must first be completed are:
Quest icon DAI Save Val Colline from the Venatori
Quest icon DAI Have Ser Barris Lead Against Demons
Quest icon DAI Investigate Man Accused of Abomination

Walkthrough Edit

Noting the bug below, when you interact with the throne to judge a prisoner, a cutscene will begin where the Inquisitor promotes Barris to the position of Knight-Commander of the Templar Order.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

  • This quest and the three prerequisite war table operations are only available if the Templars are asked to rebuild and join the Inquisition as free allies at the end of Champions of the Just, and only if Barris survives. Likewise, they will not be available if Barris dies, the Templars are conscripted, or if either decision regarding the Mages at Redcliffe Castle is made at the end of In Hushed Whispers.

Bugs Edit

  • This quest is bugged, as the game does not let you sit on the throne to promote him; the only way around this is to pass a judgment, so that when you sit to judge, the game automatically loads this quest before it.
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