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Pride demons are incredibly powerful demons, that are corrupted forms of wisdom and faith spirits. They are among the most powerful demons encountered in Thedas, and the most insidious.

Such is their strength that possessing a corpse doesn't produce another shambling warrior, but a respectively powerful revenant or arcane horror.


The most powerful demons yet encountered are the pride demons, perhaps because they, among all their kind, most resemble men; as clever and manipulative as the desire demon, with a penchant for cruel irony that is almost human. While the demons of desire largely engage in the bribery of mortals, pride will use mortals' own best nature against them. Clever men outwit themselves. Strong men crush themselves. Humble men forget themselves. Jealous men fear themselves. They turn corruption and ruin into an art.

—From Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons by Enchanter Mirdromel[1]

Notable pride demons[]

The Baroness
Charged Pride[2]
Fade beast


Dragon Age: Origins[]

  • In the quest Asunder, the Fade beast lay dormant until the Warden assembles its body parts, at which point it will attempt to barter for its freedom.
  • A powerful pride demon is encountered in Kinloch Hold when multiple abominations are unleashed within. Senior Enchanter Uldred attempted to summon and control the demon, but like many before him, he succumbed to the pride demon's will and became an abomination himself.
  • During the Harrowing in the Mage Origin, a pride demon seems to make an appearance. While in the Fade, after the Spirit of Rage is defeated, Mouse will ask for help to leave the Fade. If the mage decides against it, Mouse will state that they "passed the true test" and will then transform into a pride demon.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

  • The Baroness reveals herself to be a dark pride demon, a more powerful variant of a pride demon.

Dragon Age II[]

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

Abilities & Skills[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Note: While classified as demons by lore setting, Pride Demons are not counted as spellcasters / fade creatures in-game. Thus they are immune to spells like Mana Clash and most of their "spells" (with the exception of Mana Drain and Crushing Prison ) will bypass spell resistance , making Uldred and Baroness extremely dangerous on higher difficulties.

Fire Bolt Fire Bolt
Frost Bolt Frost Bolt
Fire Blast Fire Blast
Frost Burst Frost Burst
Mana Wave Mana Wave
Massive Attack Massive Attack

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Drain Drain
Shockwave Shockwave

Dragon Age II[]

Fire type[]

Fire Bolt
Fire Shield
Fire Fist
Crushing Prison

Poison type[]

Poison Bolt
Poison Shield
Crushing Prison

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

Electricity Resistance
Immunity: Asleep
Immunity: Frozen
Immunity: Paralyzed
Immunity: Physical Effects

Codex entries[]

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See also[]

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