Power of Blood is a series of special abilities enabled by the Warden's Keep downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins. There are two for each base class (warrior, rogue and mage).

Due to their obvious use of blood, Power of Blood abilities could be considered a type of blood magic. Unlike general blood magic, however, these powers are not derived directly from demons. Avernus notes that the demons are the usual source of blood magic—therefore he developed the abilities in his quest to find something that the demons could not match, namely the darkspawn taint in the blood of Grey Wardens.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

To activate the two Power of Blood abilities available to their class, the Warden must drink the Alchemical Concoction found during the Soldier's Peak quest.

There might be a way to get a second chance to drink this Vial if you did not drink it during your Soldier's Peak Quest. This requires you to:

  • Disable the Warden's Keep DLC
  • Force Load your latest Save
  • Save the game you just Forced Loaded
  • Enable the Warden's Keep DLC
  • Load your latest Save
  • Replay the Warden's Keep and get your 2nd chance at the Power of Blood spells

pcpc The Soldier's Peak will disappear from the map, and there will be no NPC in the camp. The quest is still completed in the journal.

Mage[edit | edit source]

Dark Sustenance Dark Sustenance
Range: Personal
Activation: 0
Cooldown: 60s
A self-inflicted wound lets the mage draw from the power of tainted blood, rapidly regenerating a significant amount of mana but taking a small hit to health.
Bloody Grasp Bloody Grasp
Range: Medium
Activation: 15
Cooldown: 10s
The mage's own tainted blood becomes a weapon, sapping the caster's health slightly but inflicting spirit damage on the target. Darkspawn targets suffer additional damage for a short period.

Rogue[edit | edit source]

Dark Passage Dark Passage
Passive Tapping the power of tainted blood makes the rogue more nimble, able to move more quickly while using Stealth and more likely to dodge a physical attack.
The Tainted Blade The Tainted Blade
Upkeep: 40
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 5s
The rogue's blood gushes forth, coating the edges of weapons with a deadly taint. The character gains a bonus to damage determined by the cunning attribute, but suffers continuously depleting health in return.

Warrior[edit | edit source]

Blood Thirst Blood Thirst
Sustained The warriors own tainted blood spills in sacrifice, increasing movement speed, attack speed and critical hit-chance. For as long as this mode is active, however, the warrior suffers greater damage and continuously diminishing health.
Blood Fury Blood Fury
Activation: 35
The warrior sprays tainted blood in order to knock back nearby enemies, which they may resist by passing a physical resistance check. The gush of blood, however, results in a loss of personal health.
Note: Both power of blood spells and talents do not generate, impact or use threat. The columns threat_use and threat_impact are empty in "abi_base_gwb.gda" from addin.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug icon.png Bug! While these abilities were originally bugged and didn't work in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (patch 1.03), they were fixed in patch 1.04. However, the Power of Blood heading in the talent list may still appear as [Class name not found] and no tooltip information will be available for the talents, even though they appear to function normally.
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