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Potions are the lifeblood of a protracted fight. They can heal instantly or over a period of time. Potions can resist powerful elemental attacks and keep the enemy off balance with debilitating effects. The three types of potions in Dragon Age: Inquisition include potions, tonics, and grenades.

Tonics and grenades appear under the potion list as they are all managed the same way in-game, with the Equip Potions and Upgrade Potions tables.

The Equip Potions station is used to add a potion to the potion belt. The Upgrade Potions station can be used to upgrade the potions and improve their effectiveness. There are several upgrade options available for each potion; each upgrade costs many herbs. Fully upgrading a potion will slightly increase the cost of crafting it.

The Inquisitor and their companions have a passive potion belt that allows only two different types of potions to be carried at any one time and the first slot is always reserved for the healing potions. Inquisition perks allow the potion belt to unlock another slot if the "Tempered Glass Flasks" perk is chosen from the "Inquisition" category.

Potions, tonics and grenades Edit

There are three potions, seven tonics and five grenades that can be crafted.

Potions Tonics Grenades
Healing Potion icon Healing Potion Fire Resistance Tonic icon Fire Resistance Tonic Pitch Grenade icon Pitch Grenade
Regeneration Potion icon Regeneration Potion Cold Resistance Tonic icon Cold Resistance Tonic Confusion Grenade icon2 Confusion Grenade
Lyrium Potion icon Lyrium Potion Electrical Resistance Tonic icon Electrical Resistance Tonic Antivan Fire icon Antivan Fire
Spirit Resistance Tonic icon Spirit Resistance Tonic Healing Mist Grenade icon Healing Mist
Mighty Offense Tonic icon Mighty Offense Tonic Jar of Bees icon Jar of Bees
Rock Armor Tonic icon Rock Armor Tonic
Tears of the Dead icon Tears of the Dead

Recipes Edit

Refer to the Recipes page for a full list of the above potion recipes.

Belts Edit

While the passive potion belt restricts the types of potions that can be carried to two (or three with the perk), belt accessories can be worn by the Inquisitor and his/her companions to increase the capacity of potions, tonics or grenades that have been equipped. These include:

Capacity +1 Capacity +2 Capacity +3 Capacity +4
Common Belt Icon Potions Belt Rare Belt Icon Enhanced Potions Belt Unique belt icon Superior Potions Belt Master Belt of Potions
Common Belt Icon Tonics Belt Rare Belt Icon Enhanced Tonics Belt Unique belt icon Superior Tonics Belt Unique belt icon Master Belt of Tonics
Common Belt Icon Grenades Belt Rare Belt Icon Enhanced Grenades Belt Unique belt icon Superior Grenades Belt Unique belt icon Master Belt of Grenades

Note that the potions belts only affect the capacity of non-healing potions. The tonics and grenades belts affect all tonics or grenades, respectively.