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Dragon Age: Inquisition 101
With 2009's Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare looked to create a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest installment, and address some of the issues fans had with Dragon Age II. Inquisition sports bigger, more diverse environments, a more tactical approach to combat, and increased customization for players. Set in Thedas, the game focuses on the ongoing Mage-Templar War. The player assumes the role of The Inquisitor, a mysterious figure who's apparently capable of manipulating the Fade. The player's background story will hinge on the race and class they chose to play as. Players can also import their decisions and choices from previous Dragon Age games, and tailor their backstories via the Dragon Age Keep application. Check out the rest of the Dragon Age Wiki for more backstory, lore and all the latest information on BioWare's new game!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Chantry?
  • The Chantry is the largest religious organization and most widespread religion in Thedas. They preach the worship of The Maker who they say created the world and all things. They also worship Andraste, the woman who the maker chose as his prophet before she was betrayed and murdered by her husband. The leader of the Chantry is called the Divine. The Chantry also control both the Circle of Magi and the Templar Order.
  • What is the Fade?
  • The Fade is the dream world where the minds of humans and elves wander while they sleep. The Fade is also the realm where demons and spirits live. The Fade was once home to the Golden City, the home of the Maker before it was corrupted by humans and became the dead Black City.
  • What is the Veil?
  • The Veil is the barrier which separates the Fade from the mortal world. Demons frequently try to possess mages or find another way to cross the veil to experience the mortal world, usually causing great harm and destruction in the process.
  • What is the Circle of Magi?
  • Because they can be possessed by demons and because of their power, Mages are forced to live and learn to control their powers by the Circle of Magi which has institutions through the world.
  • What is the Templar Order?
  • The templars are soldiers trained to prevent mages escaping and to resist magic threats. The templars guard the circles and hunt down any mage who has somehow evaded them.
  • Why is there a Mage-Templar War?
  • In Dragon Age II, a rogue mage destroyed a chantry, killing the beloved Grand Cleric and devastating the city of Kirkwall. The templars blamed the Circle mages and tried to kill every mage in the city. Outraged that the templars would kill so many people for the crimes of one renegade mage, Circle mages throughout the world launched an armed revolt for their independence. The templars felt the mages could not go unwatched and that the Chantry was too lenient with the mages. So the Templars abandoned the chantry to wage war on the mages.
  • What are the Darkspawn?
  • When humans corrupted the Maker's golden city, they were cursed and transformed into the first darkspawn. The darkspawn are monstrous plague people who look like twisted inversions of humans, elves, dwarves and Qunari. Swarms of darkspawn sometimes arise to follow an Archdemon and rampage throughout the world, killing and destroying all they encounter which is called a Blight. Darkspawn invasions have almost wiped out all life on Thedas five times before. They can spread the darkspawn plague to other living things which infects them and eventually turns them into mindless plague bearing Ghouls.
  • Who are the Grey Wardens?
  • The Grey Wardens are an ancient order of warriors and mages who fight the darkspawn. The Wardens' unique training makes them immune to the darkspawn's taint plague but at great cost. Only a Grey Warden is capable of killing an Archdemon, otherwise the Archdemon will reincarnate itself. Because of this the Grey Wardens always lead the war against the darkspawn in a Blight and are granted special legal privileges in every nation including the right to recruit whoever they wish without legal restraint.
  • What is the Inquisition?
  • The Inquisition was an old order who hunted down rogue mages many centuries ago. They agreed to serve the Chantry and gave up their wandering days to become the Templar Order and the Seekers of Truth.
  • What is The Breach?
  • When the chantry organized a summit to negotiate a peace between the mages and templars, a massive explosion occurred, killing all gathered there except for the Inquisitor. The explosion created a giant tear in the Veil, through which armies of demons are pouring in from the Fade into the mortal world.
  • Who is the Inquisitor?
  • The Inquisitor is the player controlled protagonist who is the only survivor of the explosion which caused the breach. The Inquisitor somehow gained the power to close tears in the veil. Since only the Inquisitor can seal off the demons, the Inquisition is reformed to aid the the Inquisitor and protect them.
  • How do I heal?
  • There are no healing spells in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In its place the Inquisitor can obtain healing potions and potions of regeneration. Additionally, there are spells and abilities that give an armor barrier and spell barrier that can actively absorb damage.
  • How can I raise my attributes?
  • Attributes are not assigned by the player but is instead a bonus associated with equipment. Additionally, attributes can be improved by unlocking certain skills, giving both a new active or passive ability and an attribute bonus.
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Community Essentials

Dragon Age admin Loleil relates her history with the franchise and shares her expectations for Inquisition. We also took the wider community's temperature via a handful of polls, the results of which can be viewed in graphical form below and in full on on this blog post.

Fan Input, by Loleil


As we enter the final countdown to Dragon Age: Inquisition, I'm so excited to venture into Thedas once more. As soon as I heard that BioWare were making a classic RPG I knew I wanted to play it, and the more I discovered, the more I was drawn in. The deep world, quirky characters, and involved stories have had me hooked since Dragon Age: Origins.

From everything we've seen (and from what I've played!) of Inquisition I feel like BioWare have really listened to their fanbase and taken the time to create a Dragon Age game that is going to be really special. The variety of quests, terrains, and crafting options, are just some of the things I'm looking forward to exploring in depth.

I can't wait to once more create my amazingly lethal rogue and set her lose on the world! ¾

Fan Input, by King Cousland


What's the biggest improvement over Dragon Age 2 you think Inquisition will bring?

  • Choice and impact. From what we've seen so far, Inquisition handles player agency and its impact on the story and world superbly, in a way I'm sure will surpass any previous installment in the series!

What are your thoughts on the co-op mode?

  • I think it's interesting that DA players will now be able to have a truly team-based experience. While I probably won't focus too much on the co-op myself, I'm excited for the people who have been wanting this.

What class/race will you be playing as and why?

  • ALL OF THEM! I'll probably start with a human rogue, but I have no doubt I'll eventually work my way round all the races and classes.

What is it about the Dragon Age that draws you to it?

  • I can't pinpoint a single thing that draws me to DA. I think my interest began when I watched an Origins trailer and was struck by the atmosphere the game seemed to evoke. I remember thinking it was like a dark version of Middle Earth, which immediately piqued my interest. The first time I played Origins I was hooked, and my interest has only grown since then!

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