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“To most elves I know, the only difference between them and humans is how much coin they have. Coin is the great equalizer, not living free.”

Pol is an alienage elf that recently arrived at the Dalish camp encountered during the Dalish Elf Origin. He can be found practicing archery with Junar.


Pol fled from Denerim after being arrested for theft. He joined the Sabrae clan after learning about them from a nearby village.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

He can provide the Dalish Elf Warden with insight on city elves and how they view the Dalish.

Dragon Age II[]

He can be seen walking around the Dalish Camp on Sundermount.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Pol Dead

Merrill grieving for Pol

During the Mirror Image companion quest, Pol runs away in fear when he sees Merrill, and ends up being killed by the Varterral.

A vision of Pol appears to taunt Merrill during A New Path at Pride's End.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Dalish Elf Origin Dalish Elf Origin

Dragon Age II[]

Act 2

Mirror Image Mirror Image

Act 3

A New Path A New Path