Poachers! is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the action card Footsteps on the Path.

Description Edit

You come across a trio of ragged, forest-savvy youths. They're quarrelling over their catch, and don't see you until you're almost upon them. When they recognise you, their eyes widen with panic. Cursing, they drop their brace of captured rabbits and scatter into the trees.

Available actions Edit


Let them go
You've got more important quarry today.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*2
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, +2 Closing In, +2 Peril


Catch them and pass judgement
If crime goes unpunished, it multiplies.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, -5 Freedom, -10 Rumors of Revolution

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