Pick is an elven servant of King Cailan.

Background Edit

Pick originally worked at the Royal Palace, but when the Fifth Blight broke out, he was moved to Ostagar where he serves as a messenger in the army's camp. There, he may also meet the Warden.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Pick's messenger duties require him to run around much of the camp. The Warden can encounter him near the Ash Warrior Leader, at Loghain's tent, at King Cailan's tent, near the Quartermaster, by the Sergeant lecturing over the genlock corpse, and at the southeastern end of the west side of Ostagar, overlooking the valley, close to a praying Chantry priest. He can only be found during the day.

The Warden has several options when speaking to Pick. If the Warden has sufficiently high Cunning, or one point in Coercion, they can persuade Pick to hand over Ser Garlen's Sword. If a persuasion check fails when Pick asks what he should tell the others about the missing sword, the Warden has the option to kill him.

Note: This is part of an unlisted side quest yielding 100 XP upon successfully obtaining the sword. Alistair loses Disapproves (-2) if he is present when the Warden coerces Pick.
If Pick is not killed by the Warden, his fate after the Battle of Ostagar remains unknown.

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