Philliam Bernard Aloicious Trevelyan, better known as Philliam, a Bard!, is responsible for a number of literary works found across Thedas. He is rarely cited as the author, most often being responsible for collections, translations, or excerpts.

He is related to House Trevelyan and therefore is a distant relative of the Inquisitor, if human.[1]

Known Works Edit

  • A Disposable Walking Tour of the Capital[2][3][4][5][6]
  • A History Not of Heroes: Readings in the Ugly Heart of Change[7][8][9][10]
  • Art and Shame: Forbidden Wonders of Faith[11]
  • Comments of an unnamed Grey Warden[12]
  • The Champion: History, Ancient and Current[13]
  • Gurn, Voices of Working Caravans[14]
  • Oer Gyoja Jethvis[15]
  • On the Glassworks of the Marquisate of Serault[16]
  • Orlesian Legacy: How Institutions of the Oppressors Linger[17]
  • Rebels of the Marches: Allegory in Rebellion[18]
  • Small Legends: Of Nugs and Foxes[19]
  • Song of Old Marches: The Death of Goodman Ser Austice at the Hand of the Reaver Shius[20]
  • We Need Not Demons: Our Dangerous World[21]

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