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“If there's anything that what I've done proves, it's that theories and assumptions can be wrong.”

Pharamond is a Tranquil elf and a personal friend of Wynne's.


Dragon Age: Asunder[]

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Pharamond is a Tranquil commissioned by Divine Justinia V to investigate the nature of the Rite of Tranquility. The Divine wished to know if the Rite could be altered so that it may deny a mage's power without neutering the mind. She also wished to discover if the Rite could be reversed. Pharamond was then sent to the Adamant Fortress. The townspeople took pity on him and encouraged his research in the hopes that it would help him as well. The Lord Mayor even advised sealing the fortress as a precaution should any danger occur.

Early on, Pharamond determined that reversing Tranquility was impossible in the material world, so he decided to look for an answer in the Fade. The Veil however, was already thin at Adamant and Pharamond believed that the mere attempt at demonic possession would restore that connection. Though he succeeded in restoring his mind, he was subsequently possessed and allowed demons to pass into the world. The demons possessed the keep's people and they tore each other apart while also possessing their corpses. Pharamond himself was possessed by a demon of Pride, kept imprisoned with a binding circle, before Wynne and her companions rescued him in the Fade. Though Pharamond's experiment allowed demons to overrun the keep; he did discover through his research that it is possible to reverse the Rite of Tranquility by having a spirit touch the mind of a Tranquil. He was however, unable to find an alternative to the Rite in denying a mage his or her power. Despite this, Rhys advocated that his research involving abominations and benign spirits be preserved so that it could advance their knowledge in discovering an alternate method to the Rite in protecting mages from demonic possession. However, Knight-Captain Evangeline, acting under orders from Lord Seeker Lambert, attempted to kill him to prevent this ritual from being disseminated, only to be stopped by Adrian. Before the situation could escalate, Rhys mediated that they should bring this matter before the Divine.

As the party make their way back to Val Royeaux, Pharamond has to be repeatedly reintroduced to Cole, who for some reason he keeps forgetting about due to his curse that makes people forget him. In the middle of the journey, Pharamond teaches Rhys his ritual so the knowledge wouldn't be lost.

During their meeting at the Grand Cathedral the Divine agrees to use his research to reform the policy of the Circle of Magi. Lord Seeker Lambert concedes to let the Circles convene at the White Spire to discuss the matter but demanded that it be discussed between First Enchanters only and that they be restricted to their quarters when the conclave was not in session. He also insists that Pharamond be made Tranquil again, as his heightened emotional state (seemingly a side effect of the cure) was said to make him more susceptible to demonic influence.

Pharamond despaired his fate and longed for death. When he encounters Cole he begs him to kill him but Cole declined his request. Eventually he is killed by Adrian, who implicates Rhys in the murder by placing the dagger she used to kill Pharamond in Rhys' chambers, where it could be easily found. Eventually the dagger was discovered by Lord Seeker Lambert, who uses it as evidence to accuse him of Pharamond's murder. This puts Rhys in danger and forces Wynne, the biggest supporter of coexistence with the Chantry, to fight against the Templars in order to save her son.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Part of a logbook is found in a cave in the Western Approach which gives insight into Pharamond's whereabouts before the events of Dragon Age: Asunder.

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