The phantasmal warrior is a shade encountered by the second entry of Darion's journal deep within Amgarrak Thaig.

Involvement Edit

The warrior along with two phantasmal crossbowmen and a phantasmal shadow, is summoned during a Fade shift when the Warden-Commander attempts to leave the third chamber to progress during Harvest of Amgarrak.

Notes Edit

There are two explanations for the source of these dwarven shades.

  • It is believed that the unworthy dwarves are rejected by the Stone so that their failings may not weaken her. They are unable to rest, and after their death they become rock wraiths or other shades.
  • It is also possibly one of the soldiers from Brogan Dace's expedition who was trapped between the Fade after tampering with one of the Lyrium wells scattered throughout the thaig.

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