I hope you live a long life, Serah Hawke, because your judgment before the Maker will be harsh.

Petrice is a member of the Kirkwall Chantry.

Background Edit

Before joining the Chantry, Petrice was accustomed to a much different life. Her father was Lord Durand, and the family expected to be societal peers to families such as the de Launcets. As a result, Petrice was raised in a sheltered fashion. Their holdings in Val Royeaux were attacked and subsequently destroyed in 9:22 Dragon. Petrice joined the Chantry sometime after that event.[1]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

As a Chantry Sister, Petrice is first encountered in the quest Shepherding Wolves. Petrice convinces Hawke to escort a Qunari mage out of Kirkwall to be saved from being killed by the Arishok. During the quest, Hawke learns that the whole thing is a set up. Petrice, hoping to end Kirkwall's so-called appeasement of the Qunari, plans for Hawke to be killed by the Qunari, and enrage those who oppose their presence. Petrice hints that she specifically picked Hawke, because no one will believe a Lowtown immigrant, were the party to survive. Upon completion of the quest, Hawke is rewarded and Petrice leaves.

Act 2

Death of Mother Petrice
Petrice Dead

The death of Mother Petrice

Petrice, now a Mother, is seen again in during the quest, Offered and Lost. Petrice prevents Hawke from speaking with Grand Cleric Elthina regarding the Chantry's reported involvement in kidnapping Qunari diplomats. However, she gives Hawke information implicating her former bodyguard, Ser Varnell.

If Hawke sides with the Qunari during Offered and Lost, Petrice is next seen in the quest Following the Qun. She murders Viscount Marlowe Dumar's son Saemus Dumar, who has converted to the Qun. Petrice attempts to frame Hawke, but Elthina does not believe her and insists she will be arrested and prosecuted. Petrice is killed by a Qunari archer, an act of retaliation for killing Saemus.

If Hawke sides with Ser Varnell during Offered and Lost, there is an option to support Petrice and her zealots. Qunari attack the Kirkwall Chantry. Petrice survives and the murder of Saemus is pinned on the Qunari, but the Grand Cleric will strip Mother Petrice of her title, saying that she "failed to maintain the solemn dignity" of her position. After Hawke leaves the Chantry, Petrice tells Hawke that she will lend her aid when needed.

Act 3

If Petrice survives the events of Act 2, Hawke can meet her in the chantry during Act 3. She tells Hawke that she no longer holds the title of Mother, and she is gathering support for a schism within the Chantry.

Quests Edit

Act 1

Quest icon DA2 Shepherding Wolves

Act 2

Quest icon DA2 Offered and Lost
Quest icon DA2 Following the Qun

Quotes Edit

  • "Don't you spout your Qunari filth. This is a hand of the Divine."
  • "For the Maker's glory, the heretics must die!"
  • (During Act 3, if sided with during Offered and Lost and Following the Qun) "We all have our strengths to exploit, mine is finding like-minded people. There are many disappointed with the Chantry. One day, we will be called to act. Schism, Serah Hawke, it is inevitable."

References Edit

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