Petra is a mage of the Fereldan Circle. She is one of the few survivors inside the Circle Tower during the events of the Broken Circle. Petra will recognize a Warden of Magi Origin.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden talks to Petra, she will express concern for Wynne's health and ask them to look after the senior enchanter. If the Warden expresses interest about what happened, Petra will explain that she was on her way down to the library when one of Uldred's demons attacked her. However, Wynne shielded her and fought the demon instead. After the fight, the demon was dead and Wynne wasn't moving either. When Petra looked after her, Wynne stirred and coughed, although Petra thought for sure she had been dead.

If the initial conversation with Wynne goes sour and she attacks the Warden, Petra will assist her, along side Kinnon and Keili.

If Watchguard of the Reaching is completed and Petra is present in the room when Shah Wyrd makes his appearance, she will fight alongside the Warden and their team to defeat the demon.

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