Peon's Plight is a warrior talent from the Second Wind tree in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

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The warrior lashes out with a powerful blow intended to eliminate the weakest opposition. A successful attack automatically kills a target of normal or lesser rank, inflicts a double critical hit against an elite target, or inflicts a regular critical hit against a boss.

Notes Edit

  • This talent will not work when a ranged weapon is equipped.
  • This ability is less useful than one might think at first glance. In Awakening, normal-rank enemies are extremely easy to kill as it is, usually going down in a few auto-attacks. This deals less damage to elites than most new Awakening talents, and even a few old ones (Punisher, for example), without an added effect such as knockdown, yet still retains a substantial stamina cost. Using it against a boss serves as another auto-crit, at a significant amount of stamina more than Mighty Blow and Critical Strike.
  • This is an easy way to get the Heavy Hitter achievement.
  • This attack may not instantly kill all normal-rank enemies. Occasionally, it deals enough damage as to bring an enemy from full health to a health value so low that their health bar appears empty—however, they are still alive. This happens exceedingly rarely, however.

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