We're the same, you and I. Well, that is overstating it. You are nothing like me.

Lord Pel Harmond is a noble involved in a power struggle in the Orlesian city of Verchiel.

Background Edit

According to the man himself, his family has ties to the lower Ferelden, militias across Thedas, and recently they started to expand into Orlais. Whilst trying to "better his wealth and position", as he normally does, he came into a rivalry with Lady Chelle Morveau. Both were trying to take control of lands south of Verchiel, close to the Dales, and to have a chance at claim to the lands, both needed their own people to occupy the land. And so, Lord Harmond began forcing people to move out into the land, but then Lady Morveau would kick them out and move her own people in, and so forth.

Involvement Edit

Sera learns of the nobles' squabble over the land and how it affects the everyday people, and asked the Inquisitor for a small favour, involving the Inquisition soldiers marching through the town of Verchiel. If the Inquisitor agrees and allows their soldiers to march through the town, it puts Harmond's and Morveau's plans to waste as none can claim the land.

Upon hearing this news, some of the people affected ask Sera to meet them. However, it turns out to be a trap set up by Harmond, as he forced his servants under the threat of death to lure the infamous "Red Jenny" out in the open. He proceeds to kill Sera's informant, and then sics his mercenaries at Sera. Once his entourage is dead, Harmond realises that Sera came to the meeting with no other than the Inquisitor, and so he pleads to parley.

When talking to him, he will suggest an alliance between his family and Inquisition, much to the dislike of Sera. She warns the Inquisitor not to talk to Harmond. She can then be directed to kill him straight away, or Harmond can be either let go, or his lands can be acquired by the Inquisition via a Nobility Knowledge speech check. However, if the Inquisitor does speak to him, they can only ask him two out of four available questions before Sera loses her patience and beats Harmond to death.

Trivia Edit

  • The choice made regarding Harmond has no consequences. Neither acquiring his lands, nor partnering up, have any kind of effect, other than approval/disapproval from Sera.
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