Pearls Before Swine is a side quest received from Sergeant Kylon, the guard captain, in the Denerim Market District.

A group of mercenaries, the White Falcons have been causing trouble at The Pearl and Kylon wants the Warden to get them to leave.


Head to the Pearl by leaving Denerim Market District. The White Falcons can be:

  • Persuaded to leave.
  • Intimidated away.
  • Fought off. (They will surrender at some point in the fight where you have the option to let them pass and gain 2 gold coins or kill them. If you kill them, you will miss Aodh, a unique item dropped by Cristof, who later will attack you if you do not finish them off now).

Keep in mind, that, when exiting The Pearl, the guard Captain offers his congratulations, but a group of angry mercenaries attacks. It's not too difficult a battle, and despite the multiple foes the Sergeant and his men will help the Warden with the fight. However, this will not happen if the Warden kills The White Falcons at the Pearl, instead the guard captain will be displeased and orders his men to go clean the mess.


  • 2 Gold from Sergeant Kylon
  • Sergeant Kylon goes back to Denerim Market after meeting you when you leave the Pearl. He will have another quest for you.
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