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Panowen is a Dalish elf whose husband was killed by the werewolves.

She is set upon the path of vengeance. The party will encounter her upon returning to the Brecilian Forest after Nature of the Beast is concluded, whereupon she will speak to the Warden regarding the conflict's outcome.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

  • If the Warden sided with Zathrian and slew Witherfang: Panowen will thank them and bestow a reward.
  • If the curse was lifted: Panowen will demand to know where the werewolves are so that she might take her revenge. There are several dialogue options here:
  • (Lie and tell her you killed them). This requires a high level of persuasion. If she believes you, she will give you a reward before leaving. Otherwise, she and her party will attack.
Note: If you did kill the Cured Werewolves after the curse was lifted there is no option to tell her this. Telling her you killed them is still considered a lie.
  • (They fled before you could kill them). She will accept this and give you a reward before leaving to continue her hunt.
  • (Admit that the werewolves left the forest, or refuse to tell her what happened). This will cause her and her party to attack.
  • (They're no longer werewolves). This option gives the opportunity to calm her by reminding her of what wanting vengeance did to Zathrian. This requires a medium level of persuasion. If successful, she will cool down and reward you before leaving. Otherwise, she and her party will attack.
  • If you sided with the werewolves and chose to kill all of the elves: With a high level of persuasion, Panowen will accept that Zathrian betrayed the elves. If you explain that he used blood magic to create the curse, she will give you a reward before leaving. Asking her why she hesitates will cause her to simply leave. All other dialogue options lead to combat.
Note: If the Warden is a Dalish elf, no conversation options are given, and she will immediately attack.


If the confortation ends up in a fight, you will face:


  • Panowen rewards the Warden with Silverleaf (a ring that grants +1 cunning).
  • If she is fought and killed, the Warden will receive experience points and random treasure.


  • "I demand to know what happened to the werewolves! Where did they go?!"
  • "You! The Grey Warden traitor!"

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