Paivel is a hahren, or elder, of the Sabrae clan.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Paivel will instruct The Warden in the history of the Dalish and on returning to the Camp after unsuccessfully seeking Tamlen, Marethari will tell The Warden to ask Paivel to prepare a service for Tamlen. Paivel will recite a poem about uthenera.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Paivel can be encountered by Hawke at Sundermount. Depending on Hawke's choices during Merrill's companion quests, the party may be forced to kill Paivel along with the rest of the Dalish clan.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

  • Paivel will recite a poem about the ancient elven practice of uthenera:
Swiftly do stars burn a path across the sky,
Hast'ning to place one last kiss upon your eye.
Tenderly land enfolds you in slumber,
Softening the rolling thunder.
Dagger now sheathed, bow no longer tense.
During this, your last hour, only silence.

Dialogue Edit

  • Paivel: "Children, hear of the fall of the Dales! Hear the tale of what makes you Dalish. Would you care to begin, da'len?"
  • The Warden: "Well, children, it starts with a mommy and daddy elf..."
  • Paivel: "(Ahem) Let us start with the history that makes us Dalish. When we were slaves."

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  • Sarel will tell a Dalish Warden that Paivel was old even when he was a da'len.
  • Merrill will tell Varric that he reminds her of Paivel in party banter.

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