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Paedan is an elite soldier of Arl Howe working as a bounty hunter with Shaevra.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Paedan and Shaevra set a trap for Grey Warden supporters by putting up a cryptic poster in the Denerim Market District calling for a meeting of "friends" at the Pearl. When the Warden arrives after following up on the poster, Paedan is delighted that the trap has snared the very Warden that Arl Howe is looking for, and the group, composed of Paedan, Shaevra and two hornless Qunari (Tennant and Jarvy), attacks. If the Warden has already killed Arl Howe, he won't dare to attack.

Paedan has made enemies of his own: the Antivan Crows have a contract on him, which the Warden can collect during The Trial of Crows.

Paedan will drop Paedan's Orders, an unused plot item that contains congratulations from Arl Howe on Paedan's creative methods for capturing Grey Warden supporters, and promising him an increase in payment to reflect his success.

Note: When you first arrive in The Pearl the door to the room east of the entrance is locked and cannot be opened. After you kill Paedan, this door will be unlocked.


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