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That's right. Once you're Tranquil, you'll do anything I ask.

Ser Otto Alrik is a templar in the Order's branch in Kirkwall, and the designer of the so-called "Tranquil Solution".

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Anders describes Ser Otto Alrik as a sadist, who has experimented on mages in order to find out what it takes to push them into the arms of demons.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Ser Alrik is involved in Anders' companion quest Dissent, when the apostate asks Hawke to intercept Alrik in a secret basement below Darktown. The plan was to gain evidence of the Tranquil Solution and expose it to Grand Cleric Elthina, so she could no longer remain neutral in the conflict between the mages and templars of Kirkwall.

Ser Alrik's Tranquil Solution was a scheme invented to make every mage in Thedas under Circle control Tranquil. This would range from the most accomplished enchanter, to the smallest child who exhibited magical ability. Proposals for the plan to begin immediately were sent to Meredith, Knight-Commander of the templars in Kirkwall, and to the leader of the Chantry, Divine Justinia V. Though both leaders had rejected the plan, Alrik went through with his plan in secret, snatching away mages and forcing them into tranquility. Anders mentions that Karl Thekla, his old friend, is one of them.

When Alrik is found, he is confronting a mage named Ella, whom he intends to force through the Rite of Tranquility, despite having passed her Harrowing. As he threatens her, he reveals his motives may be even more perverse than Anders originally believed; with a heavy implication that Alrik may have taken advantage of the compliant nature of the Tranquil to rape them. This is confirmed by a background conversation between a human Tranquil, Helena, and her former elven lover, Jaken, in the Gallows courtyard earlier in Act 2. Other Tranquil in the courtyard claim that "Ser Alrik [said] the Rite of Tranquility is the only thing that can keep the souls of mages from the Void" and "Ser Alrik rescued [them] from [their] sins."

Hawke is forced to fight and kill him, and can either tell Ella to flee Kirkwall or return to the Circle, unless she is killed by Justice. Afterwards Hawke can show Ser Alrik's papers to Grand Cleric Elthina and Cullen.

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  • Judging from his armor, Ser Alrik is a Knight-Lieutenant of the Templar Order.

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