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Ser Otto is a nearly blind templar looking for help to find out what's going on in the Elven Alienage in Denerim. He volunteered to investigate a rumor that there are blood mages active in the alienage. He does not find blood mages, but instead feels a dark evil presence lurking around the alienage, leading to the quest Something Wicked.


Once, during a hunt for maleficarum, the mage that he was hunting attacked his face with fire, scarring his face and ruining his eyesight. The scars have been healed by time, but his sight has not. He remains upbeat, commenting that he was lucky, as some of his fellow Templars died.

Upon meeting the Grey Warden's party, he comments that he has "sight enough to see" them, possibly implying that he can still perceive people and objects within his immediate vicinity to some degree. This would explain his ability to navigate the exterior of the Alienage, and later inside the Orphanage at the heart of the mysterious activity.

He makes up for his lack of sight with his unique ability to sense evil or impurity. Unlike some of his order, he comes across as far more personable and empathetic toward others. This is reflected in his candid remarks about the City Elves: speaking of how he has tried to gain their trust, and later when he comments that malevolence that has fallen upon the area is beyond the usual aura of "hopelessness". This remark may imply that his extra-sensory abilities are more broad than simply the ability to sense "evil", to the extent that he may be attuned to the emotions of those around him- both living and dead.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Once the Warden has agreed to help him with his investigation, and has uncovered sufficient clues, he accompanies them to the Abandoned Orphanage in order to remove the evil presence.

After fighting alongside the party against a number of demons, rabid dogs, and angry spirits, Ser Otto is stabbed in the back with a pitchfork and killed by the demon responsible for the supernatural events in the orphanage.


Something Wicked Something Wicked


  • It is entirely possible for Otto to die prior to reaching the final demon; if this occurs the Warden will not be able to complete the last part of the quest.
  • After Ser Otto dies in his scripted death, the Warden can loot the Knight-Commander's Shield from his corpse. However, it is not his rank (also multiple items may be looted from the locked chest in same room).
  • If the Warden has the templar specialization, another dialogue line is available.


  • "May the Maker shelter his children as we journey in the darkness."
  • To demon: "By Andraste and all Divine after Her, I order you to face me!"