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Ostagar is a ruined fortress in southern Ferelden, on the edge of the Korcari Wilds. Representing the furthest point of encroachment by the ancient Tevinter Imperium into the barbarian lands of the southeast, the fortress was once one of the most important defensive Imperial holdings south of the Waking Sea.


In -715 Ancient, Tevinter Imperium launched a campaign against the tribes that lived in southern Thedas. Eventually, it managed to seize control over the area and extend the Imperial Highway across the Frostback Mountains all the way to Ostagar.[1] The fortress of Ostagar was the furthermost asset that the Imperium owned in the southeast portion of the continent. Standing at the edge of the Korcari Wilds, its Tevinter garrisons watched for any signs of invasion by the Chasind barbarians. Since the fortress is located beside a narrow pass in the hills, the Chasind would need to pass by it to access fertile lowlands in the north. Ostagar proved to be exceedingly difficult to attack due to its naturally defensible position.[2]

Ostagar also served as a site of magical experimentation, similarly to Aeonar in the north, which was connected to Ostagar via the Imperial Highway.[3] However, like most southern Imperial holdings, Ostagar was abandoned after Tevinter's collapse during the First Blight.[2] In -184 Ancient, the Chasind claimed the fortress for themselves.[4] Over the ages, the Chasind threat has dwindled. They experienced a major defeat at the hand of Hafter after the Second Blight, largely ending their ability to invade the lowlands.[5] The Chasind influence furthermore diminished as Ferelden formed into a sovereign nation. During the Dragon Age, it's been noted that no troops have been stationed in the area for four centuries, though most of the walls still stand, as does the dwarven-made[6] Tower of Ishal which is named after the Archon who ordered its construction. Ostagar remains a testament to the power of the Tevinter Imperium.[2]


Battle of Ostagar[]

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Ostagar was the staging ground for the armies of Ferelden to battle the Fifth Blight. Before the Warden arrived with Duncan, the armies under King Cailan had already defeated two waves of darkspawn. After The Warden underwent the Joining alongside Daveth and Ser Jory, it was time for the final plans to be made for the battle. King Cailan ordered Alistair and the Warden to light a beacon atop the Tower of Ishal, a signal for Loghain Mac Tir and his troops to charge and rush the flanks of the darkspawn already engaged with Cailan's forces.

All did not go according to plan, however, as darkspawn swarmed the tower from subterranean tunnels. Those tasked with lighting the beacon had to fight their way to the top and pit themselves against an ogre before they could complete their mission. Then, Loghain ordered his forces to retreat, abandoning the rest of the army in the valley beneath Ostagar. King Cailan and Duncan were slain and their troops massacred, leaving only two Grey Wardens in all of Ferelden.

Shortly thereafter, more darkspawn stormed the tower and overwhelmed the two Wardens. Ostagar was lost.

Return to Ostagar[]

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden returns to Ostagar, finding it covered with snow and tenacious darkspawn. By driving off several groups of stragglers, the party recovers King Cailan's body and equipment, the royal arms chest, and Duncan's sword and dagger, among a few other unique items.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

After the end of the Fifth Blight in 9:31 Dragon, a Warden of Dalish Elf Origin can request the monarch as a boon to give land to the Dalish and they receive the Hinterlands including the ruins of Ostagar, or otherwise if a Dalish Warden makes the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the Archdemon.



Map of the Area

Ash Warrior Leader
King Cailan Theirin
Circle Mage
Elven Messenger
Hungry Prisoner
Ser Jory
Kennel Master
Loghain Mac Tir
Tower Guard


The Hungry Deserter The Hungry Deserter
The Mabari Hound The Mabari Hound
Joining the Grey Wardens Joining the Grey Wardens
Tainted Blood Tainted Blood
The Grey Wardens' Cache The Grey Wardens' Cache
After the Joining After the Joining
The Tower of Ishal The Tower of Ishal
Return to Ostagar Return to Ostagar



Elfroot Elfroot (4)


Deathroot Deathroot

Notable items[]

See Quartermaster and The Hungry Deserter.
Ser Garlen's Sword Ser Garlen's Sword - source: Elven Messenger.
Key to Mages' Chest Key to Mages' Chest - source: The Hungry Deserter.
Hardy's Belt Hardy's Belt - source: Quartermaster (see Stealing, below).
Enchanter's Footing Enchanter's Footing - source: available for purchase from the Quartermaster.
Backpack Backpack - source: available for purchase from the Quartermaster.
Novice Flame Rune Novice Flame Rune - source: chest next to Alistair.
Novice Slow Rune Novice Slow Rune - source: chest next to Alistair.

Companion Gifts[]

Beef Bone Beef Bone - source: Sacks.



  • Chest (generic, critter) - southeast of the gate to the Tower of Ishal; locked (10 XP).
  • Chest (Ferelden, normal) - by Quartermaster; locked (5 XP).
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by infirmary; locked (10 XP).
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by sergeant; locked (5 XP).
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by war council table; locked (5 XP).
  • Chest (Special, see above) - by Alistair; locked (5 XP).
  • Sack (Ferelden, normal) - platform behind Cailan's tent.
  • Sack (Ferelden, critter) - platform behind Cailan's tent.
  • Sack (generic, critter) - platform east of bridge.
  • Sacks (generic, normal) - platform east of bridge, always includes Beef Bone.


Tower of Ishal


Daytime targets[]


  • The Chantry sister leading prayer by the benches, where Ser Jory begins.
    • Both shield-bearing Knights in this prayer group.
  • A female Ash Warrior.
  • A male Ash Warrior without a helmet.
  • A soldier (bearing a round shield) close to Duncan's fire.
  • A soldier (bearing a round shield) attending the Cleric's sermon.
  • Tower Guard.
  • A soldier (bearing a shield) near the Quartermaster.
  • Both soldiers (bearing metal shields) near the Sergeant.
  • The first soldier bearing a round shield as you come up the ramp towards the Sergeant.


  • The Sergeant lecturing over the genlock corpse on the platform south of Loghain's tent (though not while he is speaking).
  • Ash Warrior Leader.
  • The Kennel Master.
  • The Quartermaster (always yields Hardy's Belt).


  • Duncan (requires at least 20 cunning)

Evening targets[]

Due to a lasting exploit, all of the daytime targets can be pick-pocketed a second time; three more 'normal' targets also become available:

  • A soldier (bearing a metal shield) near the Sergeant.
  • A male soldier (bearing a metal shield) in the group across the ramp from the Sergeant.
  • A soldier on the bridge.
  • Alistair after the joining before you go to the meeting with the King.

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Archdemon Codex entry: Archdemon - unlocked upon arrival.
Codex entry: Dogs in Ferelden Codex entry: Dogs in Ferelden - note found in an empty kennel in Ostagar after completing the Tainted Blood questline.
Codex entry: King Cailan Theirin Codex entry: King Cailan Theirin - meet Cailan.
Codex entry: The Korcari Wilds Codex entry: The Korcari Wilds - unlocked upon arrival.
Codex entry: Loghain Mac Tir Codex entry: Loghain Mac Tir - unlocked when Cailan mentions Loghain.
Codex entry: Ostagar Codex entry: Ostagar - talk to the guard at the end of the bridge.
Codex entry: Wynne Codex entry: Wynne - talk to Wynne.
Codex entry: The Fade Codex entry: The Fade - talk to Wynne.
Codex entry: Alistair Codex entry: Alistair - after meeting Alistair.
Codex entry: The Chant of Light: The Blight Codex entry: The Chant of Light: The Blight - from a scroll found on the bench located next to the priest, near the infirmary.
Codex entry: The Tranquil Codex entry: The Tranquil - talk to the Tranquil mage near the Circle of Magi encampment.
Codex entry: The Legend of Luthias Dwarfson Codex entry: The Legend of Luthias Dwarfson - talk to the Ash Warrior.
Codex entry: King Maric Theirin Codex entry: King Maric Theirin - talk to Loghain.
Codex entry: Ser Cauthrien Codex entry: Ser Cauthrien - after the cutscene.


  • The Imperial Highway ends at Ostagar and is also the southernmost point of this construct.
  • If you fail a pickpocket attempt on some of the soldiers at Ostagar, a knight reports this to Duncan (who will defend the Warden) and, when spoken to, will give a stern yet understanding lecture on when not to steal from people and the importance of not getting caught.
    • Speaking to the Knight after this report causes him to state, "People sometimes forget that the Wardens recruit from all walks of life, even thieves. I have not forgotten."
  • When Morrigan guides you back from Flemeth's Hut, evening has fallen. The Quartermaster will have restocked inventory (i.e. everything bought from him during the day can be bought again); see also Stealing above.
  • See Tainted Blood regarding an experience exploit.


  • There are several places on this map where you can go "out of bounds" and enter areas that should be inaccessible. The first two of these will leave your character trapped, so remember to save your game.
    • On the lookout platform southeast of the main camp area, there is a broken ledge that you can walk off of to land on the inaccessible platform below.
    • Once Tower of Ishal has started, it is possible to walk onto one of the ballistae on the bridge and step off the ledge, landing in the middle of the battle below. The participants in the battle are low-resolution sprites that cannot be interacted with.
    • You can walk off the worn-away part of the southwest lookout next to the Tower of Ishal and travel down the slope.
    • You can go back to "within the bounds". Go to the Army Camp from the outside, click on the Cleric to get through the barrier and talk with the guard. He'll give his standard line and you'll be back in the game.
    • It's possible to use the map hole along with the "hold/follow" command for party members to maneuver the party into the off limits area of Ishal. Getting to this area will allow the player enter Ishal and start the quest to light the beacon early. This can allow the player to take Daveth and Ser Jory into later areas of the game, as they will stay in the party until manually removed.
  • xbox360xbox360 The player can get unlimited XP by reporting back to Duncan after they collect the vials of blood but before they retrieve the documents from Morrigan. When Duncan asks if you have been successful the player can report that they have the blood but not the scrolls. You will receive XP every time you do this.
  • The rest of the bugs listed in this section can be fixed for pcpcusers by downloading and installing this mod.
  • "The Mabari Hound": If you don't get the quest before getting the flower, and you choose the reply "Daveth mentioned a reward", you are supposed to get additional reply options regarding the reward but due to a bug they don't appear.
  • "The Mabari Hound": If you do not ask for a monetary reward, you will not receive any experience either. The more money you get out of the Kennel Master, the more xp as well.
  • "The Mabari Hound": pcpcWhen you have completed the Tainted Blood and The Grey Wardens' Cache quests and return to the night time Ostagar as a Human Noble, the Kennel Master has a quest marker hovering over his head and on the minimap/map, but you cannot interact with him.
  • "The Mabari Hound": Under certain conditions, leaving Ostagar without completing the quest will fail to set the proper Quest Failed closing entry, leaving the quest stuck open in your journal.
  • "The Hungry Deserter": This quest will close with an erroneous entry if you leave Ostagar having acquired the key by feeding the prisoner but without using it on the chest.
  • "The Hungry Deserter": Due to some bugs, the only way you get xp from this quest is if you A) give him food without getting the key, or B) kill the Prisoner.
  • "The Hungry Deserter": You can buy the food and water from the prisoner's guard, then steal another set after, and then yet another set in the nighttime version of Ostagar. These extra sets of food and water will remain stuck in your plot items for the rest of the game.
  • "Last Will and Testament": A portion of the intended rewards for this quest fail to be awarded due to bugs. In particular, you get no experience for delivering the lockbox.
  • There are a number of skill checks against the Cunning stat in the dialogues around Ostagar that require 30 Cunning to pass, which is almost impossible to attain this early in the game. This includes the Tranquil Mage, the Elven Messenger and conversations with Flemeth.
  • A bug prevents dwarves from hearing the tale of Luthias Dwarfson from the Ash Warrior Leader. Other races can ask about Luthias in certain dialogue paths before the Ash Warrior ever mentions Luthias. The Ash Warrior will also repeat the tale an infinite number of times if you ask him to, despite him stating that he is very busy.
  • Alistair tells Jory that he can sense darkspawn and that his purpose in coming with you is to make sure you are not taken by surprise by them, but despite this, several stealthed genlock rogues will attack you in the Korcari Wilds with no warning from Alistair.
  • One of the six traps on the far end of the bridge in the Korcari Wilds cannot be interacted with or disarmed.
  • You can steal Hardy's Belt from the Quartermaster twice, once in the daylight version of the area and again at night.
  • If you step onto the bridge in the nighttime version of Ostagar prior to the meeting with the King, you will get an autosave and battle music intended for the actual battle. If you do so, the music and autosave will not be there once the battle actually starts.
  • The Tower Guard that joins you for the Tower of Ishal has insufficient strength to equip the helm he comes with, so if it is unequipped, it cannot be re-equipped.