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The Shaperate is the governing organization of the Shapers. Shapers are the historians, scholars, genealogists, and philosophers of the dwarves. They are supposed to be apolitical, devoted solely to their work maintaining the Memories, but this is, of course, impossible.

An example of a Shaper would be a Shaper of Memory: a sage who keeps records of dwarven history and genealogy. Their task is important—almost sacred.



See Shaperate's Blessing.

Special Objects

Codex Entry: Deep Roads, source: Book
Codex Entry: Orzammar Politics, source: Book
Codex Entry: Legion of the Dead, source: Book
Codex Entry: Dwarven Faith, source: Book
Codex Entry: The Shaper's Life, source: Wall of memories
Codex Entry: In Praise of the Humble Nug, source: Book
Codex Entry: Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs, source: Book
Codex Entry: The Legion of Steel, source: Book

Involved In

Ico Quest The Chant in the Deeps
Ico Quest Thief in the House of Learning
Ico Quest Lost to the Memories
Ico Quest The Dead Caste, and Object for the quest, source: Memories a book on a pedestal



Ico Area Map Orzammar Diamond Quarter


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