Orzammar Proving is an arena where Provings take place and in which dwarves fight and are considered favored by the Ancestors, should they win. There are strict rules and the dwarves consider the winners highly. This arena is located in the Orzammar Commons.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest A Lord's Trust: The First Task
Ico Quest Thief in the House of Learning
Ico Quest The Key to the City
Ico Quest Proving After Dark

Dwarf Commoner Origin Edit

Ico Quest Proving Loyalties

Dwarf Noble Origin Edit

Ico Quest The Nobles' Feast

Characters Edit

NPC-Proving Master

Proving Master




Dwarf Commoner Origin Edit

  • Duncan: He went to watch the provings held in the honor of his order while the winner would also have the honor to join the order.


  • Everd: A young and inexperienced warrior of House Bera who isn't expected to win the proving. He is directly involved in Proving Loyalties quest.
  • Mainar: An experienced officer of the dwarven army and the first opponent of Everd in the provings. He is directly involved in Proving Loyalties quest.
  • Adalbo: He is the Journeyman Division champion of 9:29 Dragon.
  • Lenka: A Silent Sister-in-training who is currently undertaking her blooding.

Dwarf Noble Origin Edit

  • Trian Aeducan: He will go along with his brother, Bhelen, to watch the provings if the Dwarf Noble didn't attend the provings before The Nobles' Feast.
Aller Bemot

Aller Bemot

Enemies Edit

Orzammar Proving - exterior view

Exterior view of the Proving Grounds

Note: If Harrowmont is made king and the Warden fought for Harrowmont in the Proving, these fighters will attack the Warden if the latter tries to initiate a conversation with them.

Pro-Harrowmont Participation

Note: This happens if the Warden participates in the provings as Harrowmont's champion as part of A Lord's Trust: The First Task. After winning the championship, choosing the option "May the Assembly heed the ancestors and choose Harrowmont." will provide extra political support to Harrowmont. See here for more information.
The Proving Grounds

The arena

Independent Participation

Note: You can also choose to participate as an independent fighter in the Proving. The Proving will be open until the completion of Entering Jarvia's Hideout. If A Lord's Trust: The First Task is started, you can dedicate your victory to Lord Harrowmont even if you didn't sign up as his champion. However you cannot dedicate your victory to Lord Harrowmont if A Prince's Favor: The First Task is successfully completed. If you are working for Bhelen, you may also dedicate your victory to Prince Bhelen. Both of these options carry political consequences which are explained here. Finally, the Warden has also the option to dedicate their victory to the Grey Wardens.
  • Seweryn (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Myaja (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Lucjan (Dwarf, Normal) - Rogue
  • Roshen (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Lord Darvianak Vollney (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Olaniv (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Piotin (Dwarf, Boss) - Berserker
  • Piotin's Right Hand (Dwarf, Elite) - Champion
  • Piotin's Henchman (2) (Dwarf, Normal) - Rogue

Dwarf Noble Origin

Note: The Dwarf Noble can participate in the provings held in the honour of their house as part of The Nobles' Feast quest.
  • Aller Bemot (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Adal Helmi (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Ser Blackstone (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior
  • Frandlin Ivo (Dwarf, Normal) - Warrior

Dwarf Commoner Origin

Note: The Dwarf Commoner can participate in the provings held in the honour of the Grey Wardens as part of Proving Loyalties quest.

Unofficial Provings
See the Proving After Dark for more information.

Map-Orzammar Proving

Map of the area

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Key to the City Source: Writ of Censure
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Proving Source: Wall Carving

Notable items Edit

Incriminating Evidence icon Baizyl's Love Letters, source: Myaja's chest
Ico ring Blood Ring - Reward for completing the Proving After Dark.
Plt ico book A Volume of Shaper History - Can be found during the Thief in the House of Learning.

Bugs Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360While fighting in the Proving, you can talk to the proving master after defeating the enemies. There is a small window you can do this in. Once you talk to him, keep choosing dialog #1. You can get caught in an infinite loop and never complete the proving or you can finish the proving and all your companions that you had with you before going into the proving will be standing outside the proving alone. You can not add them back to your party until you go back to your camp.
  • If you finish the final (full team) battle on the Proving with the "Hold position" on, your squad will remain in the Proving Arena, while the Warden will be "teleported" outside. And if you select another team member and remove the "Hold position", the Warden will be "teleported" back to the team, i.e., to the Proving Arena. Unfortunately, there is no exit from the Arena when the Proving is finished. The doors are not active and the proving master is not there to complain. Looks like there is no other option but to reload last save.
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