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The Diamond Quarter is the wealthiest and most influential district in Orzammar, sitting at the highest level of the vast tiered thaig.


It houses many important organisations, such as the Shaperate, the Assembly, as well as the royalty of Orzammar in the palace. The nobles and other distinguished members of dwarven society live and mingle here, while dwarves of lower caste are generally forbidden to enter. However, it is no secret that noble hunters use bribery in order to enter this district. At certain times, permits may be auctioned off to merchants to peddle their wares in the Diamond Quarter, but only under unusual circumstances such as feasts or celebrations.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Events taking place before 9:41 Dragon, the Dwarf Commoner Warden is alive and Bhelen is the king:
Bhelen erects the statue of Paragon Brosca in front of the Royal Palace instead of the more traditional Hall of Heroes as a statement of how much he wishes Orzammar to venerate the noble House of his wife.[1]


East side of the Diamond Quarter

The Key to the City The Key to the City
A Lord's Trust: The First Task A Lord's Trust: The First Task

Dwarf Noble Origin[]

The Nobles' Feast The Nobles' Feast


Dwarf Noble Origin[]

West side of the Diamond Quarter

Map of the area


Notable items[]

Diamond Maul Diamond Maul, source: Weapon Rack

The Search for the True Prophet The Search for the True Prophet, source: Orzammar Shaperate, locked Chest

Special objects[]


  1. Mentioned by the dwarven emissaries at the Winter Palace during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.