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Orzammar Commons

Map of the Area

The Orzammar Commons is a district in Orzammar, one of the last two Thaigs. The Commons is the main place for surfacers, and other visitors, to conduct business in Orzammar. When entering this area for the first time, you will see a couple of dwarves debating heavily. Ending in one of the dwarves, killing the other. After that, you will receive Codex Entry: Lord Pyral Harrowmont.



Lord Pyral Harrowmont or Prince Bhelen supporters: (After siding with either one.)


Codex Entries

Codex Entry: The City of Orzammar, source: Floor Carvings
Codex Entry: The Castes, source: Wall Carving
Codex Entry: On Shapers (part of the codex), source: Runestone
Codex Entry: Cut to Kal Sharok, source: Rune Plate
Codex Entry: The Key to the City, (part of the codex), source: Document

Involved In

Ico Quest A Mother's Hope
Ico Quest The Chant in the Deeps
Ico Quest A Lost Nug
Ico Quest An Unlikely Scholar

Approval Changes

  • Accepting the quest for Brother Burkel
    • Leliana + 2
    • Sten -5 (Note: If a persuade check is passed, Sten loses no approval)
  • Accepting the quests for Zerlinda and Dagna
    • Wynne + 2 for each
  • Accepting the quest for Dagna
    • Leliana + 1


Ico Area Map Orzammar Hall of Heroes, The way in and out of Orzammar
Ico Area Map Janar Armorers / Beraht's Shop, A smithy.
Ico Area Map Tapster's Tavern, the tavern of the area.
Ico Area Map Figor's Imports, locked when you first arrive.
Ico Area Map Orzammar Diamond Quarter
Ico Area Map Orzammar chantry, when you successfully complete the quest The Chant in the Deep.
Ico Area Map Dust Town
Ico Area Map Orzammar Proving
Ico Orzammar Deep Roads


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