By the stone I'm drunk. You, you seem like a smart sort. Any idea what I was doing?

Orson Haver is a dwarf of the warrior caste. Orson is also a companion during the A Tale of Orzammar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. He can be found at Tapster's Tavern by the front counter. He is extremely drunk and easily confused.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
A Tale of Orzammar.

After speaking to the Dwarven Nobleman, the player must recruit Orson to aid him in the expedition. Since Orson is already quite drunk, he will join the expedition merely at the suggestion that he is already part of it and simply confused due to his intoxicated state. Despite being ostensibly a drunken vagrant, Orson is quite adept in battle and is already equipped with armor and a sword and shield. He will assist the player as they fight through the Ruined Thaig as well as in the final battle against the dwarven nobleman and his bodyguard. Should Bhelen's offer be refused, Orson will reveal that in reality he was working for Bhelen all along and his drunken antics were merely an act, by fatally knifing the player in the back.

Note: Even if the player did not recruit Orson, they will still die regardless upon rejecting Bhelen's offer; Orson simply does not appear behind them, making the death appear somewhat confusing.

Initial statistics Edit

When recruited, Orson will be level 5.

Attributes Edit

Strength Dexterity Willpower Magic Cunning Constitution
20 19 17 10 10 15

Talents Edit

Racial ability Talent-DwarvenResistance icon Dwarven Resistance
Warrior Talent-Powerful icon PowerfulTalent-PreciseStriking icon Precise StrikingTalent-Taunt icon TauntTalent-Disengage icon Disengage
Weapon and Shield Talent wns shieldbash Shield BashTalent wns shieldpummel Shield PummelTalent wns shieldblock Shield Block

Equipment Edit

Armor Ico gloves light Duster Leather GlovesIco shield kitemetal Metal Kite ShieldIco armor med Dwarven ArmorIco boots heavy Dwarven Heavy Boots
Note: Additionally once Orson joins the party, a Ico helm med Dwarven Helmet, Ico shield kitewood Wooden Kite Shield and Ico longsword Dwarven Longsword will be added directly to the inventory.

Quotes Edit

  • Mercenary: "I've got a job and you're helping me."
  • Orson: "Really? Yeah,okay! Booze an' adventure sounds about right!"
  • (Once taken into the Deep Roads) "Whoa, dizzy for a moment there... how'd I get here?
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