Orlanna is a noblewoman living in Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Orlanna is involved in the quest, Who Needs Rescuing?

Her father pleads Hawke in a letter to help him find his daughter who has been abducted by bandits and is taken somewhere on the Wounded Coast. However, upon reaching her, Hawke only finds dead bodies around Orlanna. She reveals that while the bandits argued over who was going to ravage her first, she fainted, and in a dream Feynriel spoke to her and told her not to worry. When she awoke, her would-be assailants had slain one another. She is so grateful for her rescuer that she asks Hawke if she can be taken to him so she could thank him properly. After Hawke and their companions slays another group of bandits, Orlanna decides that she is going to return to Kirkwall and wait for her love there.

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