Orinna is the dwarven companion of Inquisitor Ameridan. She is a trained alchemist.[1]

Background Edit

Born at the end of the Ancient Age in Orzammar, Orinna was a member of the Warrior caste. There was a romantic theory that she was a noble[2] but this is not true.[3] She met Ameridan while fighting demons in the Deep Roads and the Inquisitor was impressed by the unique methods she had developed considering that she was not a mage. It came as a shock to her family when she announced her departure for the surface since she would lose her caste and connection to the Stone but especially because she was already betrothed to a member of another House.[3] However she reportedly had few regrets with her decision and never used her last name after she left for the surface.[2]

After the signing of the Nevarran Accord in 1:20 Divive and the formation of the Templar Order and the Seekers of Truth, Ameridan was tasked by his friend Emperor Kordillus Drakon I to go to the Frostback Basin to confront the Jaws of Hakkon who were trying to summon their god, Hakkon in the form of a high dragon.[4] He was accompanied by his lover Telana, Orinna and Haron, one of the original templars who was suffering from lyrium withdrawal. Orinna and Haron reportedly argued, fussed, and mocked each other mercilessly.[1][5] After Ameridan realized that the Avvars were too many for them to handle, he tasked Orinna and Haron to draw them away while he and Telana slipped inside their fortress.[1] They were also told to bring reinforcements.[6]

The Avvar honored Orinna and Haron for their prowess as warriors with a memorial in Nigel's Point which is discovered by Colette in the end of Worthy of Publication quest. Based on this memorial as well as the fact that there were no records of reinforcements arriving in the Frostback Basin or later records of Orinna it is likely that she was killed by the Jaws of Hakkon.

Involvement Edit

The Inquisitor may visit the Frostback Basin in 9:41 Dragon while seeking answers on their last predecessor. They can learn information about Orinna by asking Colette and from Ameridan's memories. The Inquisition may also petition the King of Orzammar to share records of Orinna preserved in the Shaperate.

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