The Original Sin was according to the Chantry beliefs the worship of some of the Maker's firstborn by his second-born which led to Him abandoning His creation.

Chantry teachings Edit

"Our Father has abandoned us for these lesser things.
We have power over heaven.
Let us rule over earth as well
And become greater gods than our Father."

The Chantry teaches that when the Maker turned his back on spirits, some of them grew jealous of the living. Envy was the first new thing the now-demons actually created.[1] Those powerful enough whispered to the living[2] in dreams claiming that they were the true gods, the creators of the world and the living should bow down before them. Eventually, the living summoned them through the Veil. In the mortal realm these demons took the form of dragons, winged Old Gods that ruled over the land. The living started to worship them instead of the Maker, an act recognized as the "Original Sin."[3] Thus the Old Gods turned humanity away from its true creator through deceit.[4]

In fury the Maker cursed the Old Gods, imprisoning them in underground tombs where they would slumber eternally.[3][4] After that He turned away from mankind. The Maker despaired, for His first children had no urge to create and His second children created sin.[2][3] He left the Golden City[5][6], and it sat locked and empty[3][5] until the event known as the Second Sin.

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