Orichalcum is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II. It is used to craft runes. Like Lyrium, orichalcum is a metal most commonly encountered in liquid form. Unlike lyrium, however, orichalcum forms pools and must be drawn like water rather than mined. Deep Orichalcum is the most common type of the metal, and is often found in places where opals are mined. The rarer Crystalline Orchalcum is found in small pools in the mountains. folks wisdom says that a drop of orchalcum mixed with wine is a potent aphrodisiac, though it has a pungent smell similiar to lye, so I could mot bring myself to put this legend to the test.


  • Rune of Spirit Warding
  • Rune of Defense
  • Rune of Striking
  • Rune of Spirit
  • Rune of Nature
  • Rune of Devastation


  • Act 1:
    • 1 in the Primeval Ruins during The Deep Roads Expedition, at the top of the stairs in the first room after reaching the abandoned Thaig (where you fight the first golem)
  • Act 2:
    • 1 in the Varterral Hunting Ground during Mirror Image a little less than halfway through, at the bottom of a short stair, on a plateau to the left.
    • 2 in the Sundermount Caverns
    • 1 in The Killer's Lair during All That Remains about halfway through. In the first narrow-ish corridor-like section after the large initial room.
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