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“The Maker sustain and preserve us all. Watch over our sons, husbands, and fathers and bring them safely back to us.”

Oriana Cousland is Fergus Cousland's wife and Oren Cousland's mother. This makes her the sister-in-law of the Human Noble.


Oriana is described as a lovely woman who was born into a rich Antivan trading family. During the Human Noble Origin, she is located in Fergus' room, where she and Oren are saying their goodbyes to Fergus when the Human Noble is sent to find him. The Human Noble's parents then join and they all share an emotional moment with each other.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

She is slain during Howe's attack on Castle Cousland. The bodies of Oriana and Oren are found in Fergus' room. Howe will later mention to the Human Noble that he had their bodies burned and discarded in a pit with the rest of the bodies from Highever.


Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin


  • Oriana: "In Antiva, a woman fighting in battle would be ... unthinkable."
  • Fergus: "Is that so? I always heard Antivan women were dangerous."
  • Oriana: "With kind words and poison only, my husband."
  • Fergus: "This from the woman who serves me my tea."


  • In the German, Polish, French and Russian game versions, Oriana says that her birthplace is Calabria.
  • In the BioWare game Mass Effect 2, there is also a character named Oriana. She is the younger sister of Miranda Lawson.