Take that dire bunny! All darkspawn fear my sword of truthiness!

Oren Cousland is the young son of Fergus and Oriana Cousland, nephew of the Human Noble, and a potential cousin of Kieran.


Oren is located in Fergus' room, where he and Oriana are saying their goodbyes to Fergus when the Human Noble is sent to find him.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

He is slain during Howe's attack on Castle Cousland and his body is found next to Oriana's, on the floor of Fergus' room.


  • "Is there really going to be a war, Papa? Will you bring me back a sward?"
  • "What's a wench? Is that what you pull on to get the bucket out of the well?"
  • Oren:"Take that, dire bunny! All darkspawn fear my sword of truthiness!"
  • Warden:"Truthiness?"
  • Oriana:"We're teaching him about honesty."
  • Warden:"I'm not much for swords myself, Oren."
  • Oren:"What about poison? Can I learn about that?"
  • Oren:"How about lockpicking? Papa says you can open anything."
  • Oriana:"I'm thinking 'no.'"
  • Oren:"I never get to do anything!"
  • Fergus:"Don't worry, son. You'll get to see a sword up close real soon, I promise."


  • His Dire Bunny line is likely a reference to the Killer Rabbit in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The Sword of Truthiness is likely a reference to the term truthiness coined by Stephen Colbert. It could also be a reference to the eponymous weapon from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series of novels.
  • His question about poison is likely a reference to the Human Noble Warden's training with Poisons if a Rogue. If you don't have the Poison skill, he will talk about Lockpicking even when you don't have the ability.
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