Ordel is a male dwarf and a member of the Mining caste, as well as the patriarch of a mining family. He is also a regular patron at Tapster's.

Background Edit

Ordel's daughter, Zerlinda, was involved with a casteless man with whom she bore a son. Because of the caste system, the child assumes the caste of their same-sex parent so Zerlinda's son was casteless too. As Ordel could not petition the Assembly for status for his grandchild, and it would be too shameful to keep a casteless within the family, he expelled his daughter from his house until she decides to abandon her son.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Zerlinda's Woe - Dragon Age Keep

The quest choices in Dragon Age Keep

The Warden may speak with Ordel's daughter who is now a beggar and lives in Dust Town. If the Warden decides to help her then the quest Zerlinda's Woe will start and one of the available solutions is that the Warden speaks with Ordel who is usually found at Tapster's Tavern in the evening.

There, the Warden can talk to him and either by Persuasion (requires Improved Coercion) or Intimidation (requires Expert Coercion), Ordel can change his mind and decide to accept Zerlinda back.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Within the Storm Coast Fissure the Inquisitor can find an unsent letter next to a corpse written by Ordel and addressed to the king's second. He complains about the lack of action from the king regarding the recent earthquakes beneath the Storm Coast threatening the vital lyrium mines. It is unknown if this corpse is Ordel or someone else.

Quotes Edit

  • "I have no daughter. Could be you met that casteless whore claiming she was once mine."
  • "Oh, I am the monster? Not the casteless wretch that filled my daughter with his brat? I've got a family and reputation to protect. I'm not letting one stupid child drag us all down."
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