We tried to be good! We did everything we were told! She loved papa's soup. I don't understand...

Orana is a slave belonging to Hadriana, a Tevinter Magister sent to Kirkwall to hunt down an escaped slave.

Background Edit

Both Orana and her father were slaves to Hadriana, Danarius's apprentice, and were brought to Kirkwall from the Tevinter Imperium.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Orana is involved in Fenris's companion quest, A Bitter Pill.

Orana and her father are brought by Hadriana to an Abandoned Slaver Den on the Wounded Coast outside the city. When Hawke and Fenris storm the slaver den, they encounter Orana cowering behind several slain Tevinter soldiers. Orana reveals to Hawke that Hadriana killed her father to fuel her blood magic, explaining that she needed his life for power. Hawke can choose to release Orana; give her gold and tell her to go (Fenris comments that she will be easily robbed); take her back to the Hawke Estate as a slave; or hire her as a servant (although she is paid this will result in no loss of gold). If you talk to Orana at the Hawke estate, you do have the option of setting her free (with no loss of gold).

If released, Orana can later be found employed at The Blooming Rose.

You can also set her free and tell her to speak to your mother for help. If you pick this option, your mother tells you that she has sent Orana to the chantry.

If Orana remains with the Hawke family, she brings her lute, one of the few items she owns. Hawke comments that Orana plays beautifully. If either of them is romanced, Orana attempts to instruct Merrill or Anders in how to play with little success.

Sandal comments in Act 3 that Orana smells of cinnamon buns, in response to Bodahn saying she's quiet enough to never know anyone was there and that she never gets out.

Bug icon Bug! Leandra will make a comment about taking an elven slave when talked to, even if Orana is hired as a paid servant.
Bug icon Bug! Even if Orana was hired after Leandra's death, she will say that she miss Hawke's mother.

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