On the Chantry Trail is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There are Chantry symbols out in the desert. They appear to lead somewhere.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired by examining the first of the Chantry symbols. This is likely to be a symbol along the trail south of Lost Spring Canyon Camp, south-west of Sand Rock Mine and Forgotten Mine, close to the Quarry.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: This quest requires a mage to complete.
  • The second symbol is found along the trail, past Valemont Pass.
  • The third symbol is found as you enter Death Drink Springs, where the green cloud of gases will stop your advance.
  • The fourth symbol is found on top of the ledge above Lost Wash Creek, on the south side (south of the ladder where The Shortcut landmark is found).
  • The fifth symbol is found just south of Nazaire's Pass Camp
  • The sixth symbol is found a little further south of the previous one.
  • The seventh symbol is further south-south-west, and is the last one.

The trail leads to a cave in the south-most part of the region, where White Claw troops have set camp. The cave is protected by an ice-based magic barrier; have a mage tear it down and enter.

You can skip any of the symbols and in fact, you can finish this quest by examining only the first and last symbol.

Rewards Edit

  • 128 XP
  • 80 Influence

Notes Edit

The cave contains:

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