Olinda is a dwarf of the Merchant caste. She is peddling her wares in the Orzammar Commons during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Olinda is a friend of Leske, who has a crush on her; however, she is married, so she is concerned that her husband should not know about it.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

As part of the quest Beraht's Favor, the Dwarf Commoner can sell Lyrium Nuggets to Olinda for 30Silver 0Bronze per piece. She cannot accept a higher price, because she claims that the market is topside and she will need to find a buyer who won't ask many questions about how she got those nuggets or inform Beraht about it. For that reason she will also recommend the Dwarf Commoner and Leske lay low for a while and will refuse to barter with them anymore after this.

The Dwarf Commoner can also buy Wine from Olinda which they can give it to their drunk mother, Kalah Brosca which will trigger a more in depth discussion between the two.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb Fire Bomb
23Silver 25Bronze
Lesser Health Poultice
Lesser Health Poultice Lesser Health Poultice (x3)
1Silver 0Bronze
Lesser Injury Kit
Lesser Injury Kit Lesser Injury Kit (x3)
16Silver 50Bronze
Venom Venom (x2)
1Silver 50Bronze
Lesser Warmth Balm
Lesser Warmth Balm Lesser Warmth Balm
45Silver 75Bronze
Small Claw Trap
Small Claw Trap Small Claw Trap
2Silver 25Bronze
Spring Trap
Spring Trap Spring Trap (x2)
1Silver 50Bronze
Rock Salve
Rock Salve Rock Salve
16Silver 50Bronze
Trap Trigger
Trap Trigger Trap Trigger (x6)
2Silver 0Bronze
Metal Shard
Metal Shard Metal Shard (x2)
1Silver 0Bronze
Flask Flask (x5)
1Silver 0Bronze
Toxin Extract
Toxin Extract Toxin Extract (x2)
1Silver 0Bronze
Deathroot (Origins)
Deathroot Deathroot
1Silver 0Bronze
Elfroot (Origins)
Elfroot Elfroot (x3)
Deep Mushroom (Origins)
Deep Mushroom Deep Mushroom (x4)
Wine Wine
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