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The ogre commander is a unique ogre the Warden-Commander encounters leading the darkspawn in the Deep Roads of Vigil's Keep.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

When the Warden-Commander is exploring the Deep Roads under Vigil's Keep, they encounter several bands of darkspawn; the last one is led by an ogre commander. The ogre is accompanied by several hurlocks, genlocks and a hurlock emissary.

When the ogre lies dead, its spirit is brought back by the Dark Theurge in the form of possessed ogre commander.


It Comes From Beneath It Comes From Beneath


Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads

Abilities & Skills[]

Grab Grab
Hurl Hurl
Massive Attack Massive Attack
Ram Ram
Smash Smash
Stomp Stomp

Notable loot[]

Wasp's Sting Wasp's Sting


Armored ogre
Ogre alpha
Armored ogre alpha
Ogre commander
Risen ogre


  • The Ogre Commander marks the first time an ogre is seen leading a band of darkspawn, as ogres are bred for the specific reason of being shock troopers rather than leaders.