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{{Quote|Upset? *Scoffs* I don't get upset, I get drunk!}}
|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Oghren]]
|image = Oghren portrait.jpg
|longtitle = [[Oghren]]
|gender = Male
|race = [[Dwarf]]
|voice = [ Steve Blum]
|location = [[Orzammar]]
|class = [[Warrior]]
|specialization = [[Berserker]]
|quests = [[Oghren's Old Flame]]<br>[[Oghren the Family Man]]
|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Origins]] <br> [[Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening]] <br>[[Dragon Age II]] (mentioned only)
'''Oghren''' is a crude [[dwarf|dwarven]] [[warrior]] fond of all things alcoholic. He is a possible [[companion]] to [[the Warden]] in ''[[Dragon Age: Origins]]'' and ''[[Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening]]''.
== Background ==
Oghren used to be a promising [[Castes#Warrior Caste|warrior]] of House Kondrat in [[Orzammar]]. He married a [[Castes#Smith Caste|smith caste]] girl named [[Branka]], who would later become a [[Paragon]]. Soon after founding House Branka it absorbed the entire House Kondrat. Branka soon took her household, with the sole exception of her husband, into the [[Deep Roads]] in search of the secrets of the legendary smith [[Caridin]]. They were not heard from again. Oghren, left behind, became a laughing stock. He started drinking, making his situation worse as he challenged another warrior over an insult and killed him in a first-blood match while drunk. Oghren was stripped of his house name and barred from bearing weapons within the city, a punishment considered worse than exile for a warrior. Oghren has spent the last two years trying to convince the [[Assembly]], or anyone else who will listen to him, to look for Branka in the Deep Roads.
== Involvement ==
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=== ''Dragon Age: Origins'' ===
[[File:Oghren2.jpg|thumb|right|270px|Oghren fighting a [[werewolf]].]]
After the Warden has spoken to either [[Bhelen]] or [[Harrowmont]]'s representatives and given a task, Oghren appears, arguing with a guard in [[Orzammar Diamond Quarter]]. This guard can be questioned about Oghren and Branka after Oghren leaves. He can be found again at [[Tapster's Tavern]] in the [[Orzammar Commons]]. The Warden can talk to him there, and learn more about Branka. However, he is aware that the Warden is working for one of the candidates for the throne, which makes him think that any concern expressed about Branka is not genuine. If the Warden attempts to talk to Oghren at Tapster's again, no matter how the conversation is structured, Oghren will tell the Warden to "sod off".
{{note|If Oghren does not appear at the Tapster's tavern, he will approach the party when trying to venture forth into the Deep Roads volunteering to help find Branka.}}
Oghren will only become a member of the party when the Warden is sent into the Deep Roads by Bhelen or Harrowmont to find Branka and secure her support for their ascension to the throne. He can leave Orzammar and the Deep Roads at this point, but he will not talk until [[A Paragon of Her Kind]] has been completed.
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[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening characters]]
He is eager to reunite with his wife, but when the truth is revealed, he is shocked at what she has done in her quest for the [[Anvil of the Void]], including causing the death of most of her House. Yet, despite this he is willing to offer her a second chance, and he disapproves if the Warden chooses to side with [[Caridin]] and destroy the Anvil. After a new king has been chosen, Oghren then throws his lot in with that of the Warden's and leaves Orzammar to help fight the [[Blight]].
Once Oghren's approval is high enough, he can teach the warrior [[specialization]], [[Berserker]].
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=== ''Dragon Age: Awakening'' ===
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[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening characters]]
After the [[archdemon]] was defeated, Oghren settled down with his old flame [[Felsi]] and had a child. Those who know him say that he was truly happy, at least for a time. But Oghren is a warrior born and bred, and, as he is fond of saying, "you can take a warrior out of the fight, but you can never take the fight out of the warrior". Oghren is now eager to become a [[Grey Warden]]. Should he be put through the Joining he will survive to become one. Eventually Felsi will return and ask about what he intends to do with his family. Once his approval is high enough, he will talk to the [[Warden-Commander]] about his feelings and he can be persuaded to take a more active role or not.
=== ''The Darkspawn Chronicles'' ===
[[Category:Grey Wardens]]
In ''[[The Darkspawn Chronicles]]'' campaign, Oghren—like the other heroes—appears as a boss in the [[Denerim Market District]]. He differs little from his role in ''Origins'' and ''Awakening'', using a two handed maul to crush the darkspawn along with a small entourage of drunks. Killing him results in the continuation of the campaign. You can also loot the [[Forge Master's Hammer]] from his corpse.
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[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening characters]]
== Quests==
{{:Oghren's Old Flame|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
[[Category:Grey Wardens]]
{{:Oghren the Family Man|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
== [[Gifts]] ==
=== ''Dragon Age: Origins'' ===
Oghren's [[approval]] will increase when you give him any alcohol, especially Ale. The one exception is [[Wine]], which is preferred by [[Wynne]].
{{:Alley King's Flagon|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Chasind Sack Mead|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Golden Scythe 4:90 Black|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Legacy White Shear|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Sun Blonde Vint-1|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Wilhelm's Special Brew|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{note|These gifts do not give the {{ColorPositiveStat|+5 approval}} additional points during the ''Awakening'' campaign.}}
=== ''Dragon Age: Awakening'' ===
Oghren continues to enjoy alcoholic gifts in the ''Awakening'' expansion.
{{:Aqua Magus|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Dragon Piss|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Hirol's Lava Burst|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Mackay's Epic Single Malt|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:Toy Horse|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{:West Hill Brandy|style=itemgiftrow}}
{{bug|If you export a character from ''Origins'', the game remembers the number of gifts you gave Oghren during the ''Origins'' campaign, even though his approval is reset when he is recruited. This means that the initial gifts given to him during ''Awakening'' will already suffer from the diminishing returns on approval gain based on number of gifts given.}}
== Initial statistics ==
'''Relative attribute weightings on auto-level''': strength 1.4, dexterity 0.25
'''Class:''' [[Warrior]]
'''Specialization:''' [[Berserker]]
'''Starting talents:'''
* Warrior: [[Powerful]], [[Threaten]], [[Bravery]], [[Death Blow]]
* Berserker: [[Berserk]], [[Resilience]], [[Constraint]]
* [[Two-Handed Talents|Two-Handed]]: [[Pommel Strike]], [[Indomitable]], [[Stunning Blows]], [[Sunder Arms]], [[Shattering Blows]], [[Sunder Armor]], [[Mighty Blow]], [[Powerful Swings]], [[Two-Handed Strength]], [[Two-Handed Sweep]]
{{Bug|When Oghren is imported into Awakening, his statistics are reset and repopulated with new defaults, regardless of your decisions and specializations in Origins. Note, if you played as a mage in Origins and had Oghren read the warrior/rogue Tomes in Origins, those attribute, skill, and talent points will be wasted in Awakening. If you want Oghren to use those tomes, you must hold them until Awakening.}}
== Gear ==
=== Initial gear (''Origins'') ===
{{:Dwarven Heavy Armor|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Dwarven Heavy Gloves|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Dwarven Heavy Boots|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:One for the Ditch|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
=== Initial gear (''Awakening'') ===
{{:Darkspawn Ravager|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Helm of the Legion|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Gloves of the Legion|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Armor of the Legion|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Boots of the Legion|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Smith's Heart|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:One for the Ditch|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Ring of the Warrior|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
{{:Ring of Resistance|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
=== Oghren specific gear ===
{{:One for the Ditch|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
== Plot skills ==
[[File:Oghren3.jpg|thumb||270px|Oghren fighting a [[revenant]].]]
As you befriend Oghren and gain his approval, he will gain additional skills:
{| class="daotable"
! Skill Name
! Benefit
! Requirement
| Inspired: Minor Constitution
| +1 to constitution
| 25% approval
| Inspired: Moderate Constitution
| +2 to constitution
| 50% approval
| Inspired: Major Constitution
| +4 to constitution
| 75% approval
|Inspired: Massive Constitution
| +6 to constitution
| 90% approval
{{Note|These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.}}
== Dialogue points ==
Below are the spots where you can initiate dialogue with Oghren in ''Awakening''. On the PC version, it can be hard to find the correct spot to click; make sure to hit "tab" and rotate the camera if it's not letting you click on it.
* [[City of Amaranthine]]: Billboard by the stairs to the Chantry. Note that making fun of Oghren or telling him to "Stop right there." causes {{Approval|-3}}, while using the second option all the time will reward {{Approval|+4}}.
* City of Amaranthine: The table of the weaponsmith in the market district (when talking to [[Sigrun]]).
* [[Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter]]: The anvil in the prison room.
* [[Kal'Hirol]]: Cliff by the entrance of the Thaig, just if Sigrun not joined the party.
* [[The Blackmarsh Undying]]: boat in the area you wake up in. There is an alternative dialogue if the Warden is imported and Oghren was trapped in the Fade in the Circle of Magi.
* [[Vigil's Keep]]: The cask behind Oghren in the throne room, which can be used to initiate several conversations.
** Schleets dialog: no positive Approval possible
** Thanking for saving him: - option 1 {{Approval|+3}} - option 2 {{Approval|-3}} - option 3 {{Approval|+2}}
** Mabari chariots: no positive Approval possible
** Paranoia dialog: option 2 -> 1 = {{Approval|+6}} - option 4 {{Approval|-3}}
== Quotes ==
[[File:Oghren concept art.jpg|thumb|270px|Concept art of Oghren]]
=== ''Dragon Age: Origins'' ===
* "If you've ever heard of me before, it's probably all been about how I piss ale and murder little boys who look at me wrong. And that's mostly true..."
* ''(Saying goodbye to Felsi)'' "Oh, you can't keep the archdemon waiting. You hurt its feelings, it just might turn the whole Blight around and go home. Nobody wants that."
* "Misery, vomit and malt liquor. Ah, reminds me of home."
* "I'm not saying I should be your first pick for a dance partner at the inaugural ball, but in the Deep Roads, I'm your man."
* "Hey, Warden! You gotta hear this one! This ''human'' walks into a tavern! Eh heh. And there's an elf there. Ah ha ha ha! And she says, Ha ha ah ah ha! She says." ''(Snorts)'' "Ah ha!" ''(Falls down)''
* "This is it, Warden. 'When from the blood of battle the Stone has fed, let the heroes prevail and the blighters lie dead.' As one of the blighters, I sodding salute you. Let us show them our hearts, and then show them ''theirs''."
* ''(Snorts and laughs)'' "Asschabs!"
* "Upset? *Scoffs* I don't get upset, I get drunk!"
* ''(At Lake Calenhad Docks)'' "Ooh, that's huge. ''(Giggles)'' I wonder how long it took to erect it. ''(Giggles)'' Get it, erect it!"
* ''(Inviting [[Leliana]] to join the Warden and [[Isabela]] for a threesome)'' "''(Grunt)''... T-too much to handle... ''(falls down)'' Stone...!"
* "By the tits of my ancestors!"
* "Shave my back and call me an elf!"
* "That son-of-a-whore [[Bann Teagan Guerrin|Teagan]] said I can't drink a whole barrel of pickle juice without passing out first. I aim to prove him wrong."
* "Fart me a lullaby!"
* ''(End combat with high health)'' "Excuse me while I do my Happy Dance!"
* ''(Before facing the archdemon, or being left behind'') "Let the stone turn red from the blood of heroes, today, I will be the warrior you taught me to be!"
* ''(Talking to [[Grand Oak]])'' "It's a poet tree. A Poetry, Don't you get it? (Laughs)"
=== ''Dragon Age: Awakening'' ===
* ''(After defeating a [[Wild Sylvan]])'' "Hey, look at me - I'm an elf! 'Trees are pretty! Tra-la-la!' "
* ''(Referring to [[The Mother]])'' "That is a lot of nipples."
* "Aye. I've tried twenty-seven different types of ale and learned I'm just the right height to give a human girl a good time. That doesn't make me a good man."
* "'''No one''' touches Oghren's junk and lives!"
* ''(Imitating [[Anders]])'' "Oh no, big templar man! What are you going to do with that sword?"
* ''(In the Blackmarsh)'' "(Shrieks) I thought I saw a... I mean... Ahem."
* ''(To the [[Architect]])'' "Yeah, the sort of 'misunderstanding' that ends with a field of dead bodies. Uh huh, I get those sometimes."
* "Anyway, can I have a pony?"
* "I'm like a cherry soaked in brandy. Plump... juicy... and full of intoxicating flavor."
* "Need something pummeled? Just say the word."
==== Dialogue ====
* '''The Warden:''' "A lover in the dark, no wonder she left Oghren."
* '''Oghren:''' "Eh, if I knew she had those interests I would have made some... adjustments."
* '''Shale:''' "There was a man in the village who reminded me of the drunken dwarf."
* '''Oghren:''' "They had some dwarves just like me, huh?"
* '''Shale:''' "No. None of the dwarves were similar. They were quiet and respected, more or less. No, the one I remember was a human. He vomited in the street constantly. Then he wandered into a snowstorm and froze to death."
* '''Oghren:''' "Huh? And how is that like me?"
* '''Shale:''' "Did I say similar? I meant I hoped he was similar."
* '''Oghren:''' "I think I had a wife like you, once."
* '''Shale:''' Go on, order me to do something.
* '''The Warden: '''Throw Oghren as far as you can.
* '''Oghren:''' Hey! No dwarf tossing!
* '''Oghren''': It's not like they send you a letter. "Congratulations! You have been ejected from the warrior caste!"
* '''Nathaniel''': Do you care?
* '''Oghren''': Sometimes. Then I drink more and it goes away.
* '''Warden''': "Don't I have enough armed lunatics following me already?"
* '''Oghren''': "Perfect. What's one more?"
*'''Warden''': "Can someone take this?"
*'''Oghren''': "Errr...Congratulations lady, you're single."
If you have Oghren in the party during the Landsmeet & choose him as your champion when you opt to duel Loghain:
*'''Loghain''': "Will you face me yourself, or have you a champion?"
*'''Warden''': "Oghren will be my champion."
*'''Oghren''': "About sodding time! My ass was falling asleep from all this talk. It's all pins and needles now."
*'''Varathorn''': "Talks like a true child of stone."
*'''Oghren''': "Who you calling child, old man?"
Dialogue with an Awakening Character, Sigrun:
*'''Sigrun''': "For all your faults, Oghren, you are a remarkable fighter."
*'''Oghren''': "Really? (Laughs) Let's go 'round the corner so I can show you something else remarkable."
*'''Sigrun''': "It was just a friendly compliment!"
*'''Oghren''': "You're friendly. I'm brazen and lustful. We're even!"
=== Battle cries ===
* "Here comes Oghren!"
* "Scuse me while I do my happy dance!"
* "Lets see what yer innards look like!"
* "Time ta get messy!"
* "What's that smell?!"
== Exploit for infinite approval (''Origins'')==
* Once Oghren has joined the party, take him with you when you are confronting [[Dwyn]] before the [[The Attack at Nightfall]]. When you are trying to persuade Dwyn fighting for the village, an option will come up if Oghren is in the party. Choose, "You're a coward", followed by, "Stay in here, then, if you prefer." This will end the conversation and you can start it again. Oghren will gain {{Approval|1}}.
== Trivia ==
* According to [[Sheryl Chee]], though Oghren was written mostly by [[Jay Turner]], most of the BioWare writers, including herself, [[Mary Kirby]], and [[David Gaider]], have had a hand in writing him.{{Citation needed}}
* Oghren is one of two companions with their own unique hairstyle, the other being [[Morrigan]].
* Although Oghren is barred from bearing arms in the city, nothing happens if you equip him with weapons in Orzammar. He even joins your party with an axe equipped.
* In ''Awakening'', Oghren will get a second codex entry about his new role.
* Oghren's battle cry, "Let's see what your innards look like!", may be a reference to the dwarven companion of a very chaotic nature, [[wikia:c:Forgottenrealms:Korgan Bloodaxe|Korgan Bloodaxe]] in the Bioware video game ''[[wikia:c:Forgottenrealms:Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn|Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn]]'' who shouts "Let's see what yer guts be lookin' like!" during combat. Korgan is also a berserker and has an insatiable bloodlust.
* When selected to defend the Keep in Awakening, his [[Codex entry: Oghren|codex entry]] states he died when the darkspawn attacked. However with a fully upgraded Keep, the [[Epilogue (Awakening)|epilogue]] says he survived.
* Many of [[Zevran]] and Oghren's party banter include references to Legolas and Gimli from ''[[wikipedia:The Lord of the Rings|The Lord of the Rings]]''. Indeed, Oghren's personality does sometimes appear to be similar to Gimli's.
* Oghren's reply, "No dwarf tossing!", when the Warden gives Shale the order to throw Oghren as far as Shale can, it is a reference to ''[[wikipedia:The Lord of the Rings film trilogy|The Lord of the Rings]]'' movie by Peter Jackson, when Gimli claims, "No one tosses a dwarf!", which refers to the "sport" of dwarf tossing.
* The card game Diamondback mentioned in Oghren's conversation with [[Alistair]] is a reference to a [[Wikipedia:Cerebus the Aardvark#Collections|game of the same name]] in Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark.
* Oghren's "Asschabs" was added as a joke between the writers of ''Dragon Age: Origins''. David Gaider would, "[a]t least once or twice a week, [...] come in [their offices] groaning about having "chair butt", which is essentially when your butt goes numb from sitting in your chair for too long". Someone then coined the name "'''Ass'''ociation of '''Cha'''ir '''B'''utt '''S'''ufferers"; its abbreviation, ASSCHABS, was then written on their whiteboard. At that time, Jay Turner was writing Oghren, and the word "would be staring at him. So since it sounds like something Oghren would say, he decided to make Oghren say it, to make sure ASSCHABS was never forgotten."<ref>Chee, Sheryl. [ "Asschabs?"]. 2009-11-11. Retrieved 2011-01-07.</ref>
== References ==
{{Companions (Dragon Age)}}
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[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins characters]]

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