Oghren's Old Flame is Oghren's personal quest.


  • Talk to Oghren until you can talk about Felsi, this begins the quest.
  • Travel to The Spoiled Princess at Lake Calenhad Docks
  • If you have Oghren in your party he will talk to Felsi. If you leave him behind for a moment you can talk to her yourself and pick up some hints on how to help Oghren later.
  • You can either help him with hints, or sabotage his efforts with insults.
  • To get the most successful flirtation result, have the Warden talk to Felsi first to get a few pointers. Then, return with Oghren and select all wingman responses, which include two dialogue options that are whispered. When it is time to leave, Felsi will wonder why Oghren is leaving so soon. A high coercion may be necessary for the proper dialogue option.
  • Oghren will talk to you afterwards and if he's gotten his groove back you can be friendly with him.
  • If you insulted him you will get an approval drop.


If Oghren is in your party when you go to the The Spoiled Princess he will say;

  • Oghren: "There she is!"
  • Oghren: "I'm gonna go talk to her. Look, you gotta back me up here, got it?"
  • Player: "She's not a genlock, You can handle her on your own"

  • Oghren: "Are you sure you're not a baker? 'Cause you've got a sodding nice set of buns."
  • Felsi: "Well look what the nug dragged in. I should've known you were in the neighborhood by the stench."
  • Felsi: "What are you doing here?"
  • Oghren: "Just trying to kick back with a pint. Fighting darkspawn's a lot of sodding work, you know?"
  • Felsi: "You're fighting darkspawn?"


Depending on what happens when talking with Felsi and your treatment of Oghren afterwards the Epilogue will change for him accordingly.

  • If Oghren is successful with Felsi he will find her again and presumably marry her and have a child (Which he names after the Warden). He will also become a Dwarven General in the human armies.
  • If Oghren fails at his attempt but is cheered up by the PC later on he becomes the first Dwarven General in the human armies, attributing it to "the best friend he ever had"
  • If Oghren fails at his attempts and is treated badly by the PC afterwards he will become a drunkard and a public menace


If you leave the Spoiled Princess and then talk to Oghren and tell him to "Go get her" you end up in the middle of Lake Calenhad. Although you are free to roam around in the lake and can get into the stone structure on the shore you find yourself quite stuck. To get out head towards the docks and talk to the boat man to reset yourself into the playing world again.

On the PS3, if Shale is in your party (and Oghren is absent) the conversation between Felsi and Oghren will take place between Felsi and Shale. Oghren's voice will be heard, but all camera cuts will swing to Shale standing in the lobby of the Spoiled Princess.

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