Of Noble Birth is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

This quest only begins if the Warden is a male dwarf from the Dwarf Noble Origin and had relations with Mardy during the origin story. It also appears even if the Warden chose to sleep with both Mardy and Teli.

Walkthrough Edit

You encounter Mardy when you return to Orzammar. Because of the caste system, the Warden's son takes the caste of the father and because of the Warden's exile, Mardy's son is now considered casteless. It's up to you to restore the child's birthright. Furthermore, the Warden may also elect to give Mardy some money in order to properly accommodate herself and their son until the election is settled. By choosing that option you can give her 1 DAO goldpiece trans, 10 DAO goldpiece trans, 50 DAO goldpiece trans or 1000DAO goldpiece trans.

During Orzammar's main quest talk to either Prince Bhelen or Lord Harrowmont and ask them to accept the child into their House. You can only do this before either one of them is made King (or shortly afterwards), else the child will remain a casteless dwarf.

Result Edit

Of Noble Birth - Dragon Age Keep

The quest choices in Dragon Age Keep

Your illegitimate son regains his status in the royal house -or- your son remains casteless. If he regains his status, you are given the chance to name him. Amongst the names you can choose are 'Endrin', 'Trian', 'Duncan', 'Gorim' or after the Dwarf Noble Warden. If you let Mardy decide, she will name him Endrin. The name 'Trian' will not be an available option if you killed him during A Noble Expedition.

Notes Edit

  • If the Dwarf Noble had accepted the noble hunters' proposition (only possible as a male), Gorim Saelac during A Noble Expedition, will have some remarks about it which would vary whether Mardy joined the Dwarf Noble or both Mardy and Teli.
  • Bhelen will refer to Mardy as casteless, even though she appears to lack the brand.

Bugs Edit

  • Naming your child through the Mardy dialogue grants you 100 XP, and can be repeated over and over.
  • This quest is meant only for male Dwarf Noble Warden characters, but appears in every player's codex as a failed quest after completing A Paragon of Her Kind.
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