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The lords and ladies of Amaranthine have come to offer their Oaths of Fealty. Now is a good time to get to know them.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

If the Warden-Commander chose the persuade option in the opening scene and succeeded (Expert Coercion is required), then you can speak to Ser Tamra afterwards who will reveal to the Commander that she is aware of a conspiracy that is developing between the nobles. This will start A Brewing Conspiracy quest. However, if the Warden-Commander didn't choose the persuade option or chose the option but didn't have enough Coercion, then Anders will reveal that he heard ominous whisperings among the nobles and start that quest. In any case, if A Brewing Conspiracy is initiated, the Commander will have to speak with Varel about it, before the ceremony is completed.

The Warden-Commander can speak with Eddelbrek who is in the company of Ser Timothy. He will tell the Commander that the situation in the farmlands is dire and requests the Commander to send soldiers in the region to protect the peasants. Once the discussion is over, the quest Defending the Land is started. If this happens, the Warden-Commander can initiate a discussion with Esmerelle, the Bann of the City of Amaranthine, who will counter the arguments of Eddelbrek and advise the Commander to protect the city instead. Afterwards, by speaking to Seneschal Varel and before the ceremony is concluded, you can make a decision on this matter.

If the Warden-Commander is Orlesian you can also speak to Lord Guy who is standing next to Lady Morag and will initiate a cutscene in which he will be intoxicated and say that this is an Orlesian plot to rule Ferelden again. Lord Guy can be persuaded or intimidated (Expert Coercion is required) which if it is successful, he will exit the Throne Room without further issues; however if the persuasion/intimidation fails or the Warden-Commander chose a different dialogue option, he will be taken out of the throne room by the soldiers since he was disrupting the festivities. In any case Varel will show up and the Orlesian Warden will need to decide whether Lord Guy should be ignored, punished, or executed for his traitorous words.

The ceremony ends by speaking to Varel, which will mark the Oaths of Fealty quest as completed (and gives 1000 XP).

Note: If Defending the Land side quest has been activated after talking with Eddelbrek and/or Esmerelle, be sure to talk to Varel about Eddelbrek's concern for defending the farmlands, before ending the ceremony. Otherwise, Varel will no longer have this conversation option later, and that side quest will remain open.


The decisions taken during this quest may influence the epilogue and the following quests:


If you imported a Warden with the Human Noble Origin, there will be extra dialogue options when speaking to the NPCs.