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|style = {{{style|}}}
|supertitle = Weapon
|name = [[Oath-Breaker]]
|type = [[Mauls (Dragon Age II)|Maul]]
|icon = Maul gold DA2.png
|image = DA2_Oath-Breaker_-_maul_-_act_1.jpg
|px = 270px
|material = Red Steel
|material=Red Steel
|damage = 26 physical damage<br />''(43 per second)''
|stats = {{ColorPositiveStat|+82 attack<br />+23% healing to this character}}
|damage=26 pd(43 per second)
|runes = 1
|runes= 1
|requires = [[Two-Handed talents (Dragon Age II)|Two-Handed]]<br />30 strength
|requires=Two-Handed<br />30 strength
|value = 8025
|stats={{ColorPositiveStat|+82 attack}}<br />{{ColorPositiveStat|+23% healing to this character}}
|location = [[Deep Roads]]
|act = 1
|appearances= [[Dragon Age II]]
|notes = Looted during [[The Deep Roads Expedition]]
|quests = [[The Deep Roads Expedition]]
|item_id = gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_04
|appearances = [[Dragon Age II]] <br> [[Heroes of Dragon Age]]
'''Oath-Breaker''' is a unique [[Mauls (Dragon Age II)|maul]] in ''[[Dragon Age II]]''.
== Acquisition ==
== Acquisition ==
* Found in a standard locked {{TextContainer|chest}} during the Act 1 quest [[The Deep Roads Expedition]].
This weapon can be found during the Deeproads expedition.
== Trivia ==
* Although this maul's [[Item ID codes (Dragon Age II)|item ID code]] indicates that it is an Act 2 weapon, it is acquired during Act 1.
== Gallery ==
Oath Breaker.png|Close-up
Oath-Breaker HoDA.png|The Oath-Breaker in ''[[Heroes of Dragon Age]]''
[[Category:Dragon Age II mauls]]
[[Category:Dragon Age II unique weapons]]
[[Category:Heroes of Dragon Age gear]]
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