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Nyree is a warrior reaver mercenary from Nevarra, and a supporting character in Dragon Age: Redemption.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nyree originated from Nevarra where her family owned an inn. From the apparent desire for combat and strength, she started a life as a mercenary.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Redemption.

She agreed to aid the rogue Saarebas, in exchange for freeing her from a Chantry prison during his own escape. Nyree first comes into contact with Tallis, Cairn and Josmael during a ritual concerning the Mask of Fen'Harel, holding them off in order for the Saarebas to complete the ritual. After the fight she is left behind by the mage, trapped in the cave with them. Tallis offers her gold to help them go after the man who betrayed her.

Nyree guarding the cavemouth to the altar of Fen'Harel

Nyree reveals that Saarebas is heading to Sundermount, to attempt to complete a ritual which will "tear the Veil apart." On their way there, the party rests at an inn where she uses her reaver abilities after the group is attacked by Saarebas' mercenaries. Nyree helps to dispatch the attackers before continuing on Tallis' mission.

It is revealed that Josmael unwillingly led the party into Saarebas' trap. Nyree then saves his life when Cairn tries to kill him for it. She reveals that the man they're after was freed because Cairn tried to kill him. As Cairn tells his side of the story, Josmael escapes the party to save Fina and they decide to follow him.

Nyree follows her employer to the peak of Sundermount, where they catch up with Josamel to lay in wait. After witnessing Tallis and Cairn becoming intimate, she asks Josmael for a kiss, though is rejected. She then pushes him to the ground, intending to claim the kiss, but she is interrupted as the Saarebas arrives.

When the final battle with Saarebas ensues, Nyree takes part in it, fighting Saarebas' two rogue mercenaries while the rest of the group confronts the mage. In the midst of the battle, Cairn is killed by the Saarebas, who in turn is killed by Tallis, effectively ending the mission set upon her.

After helping to bury the dead, Nyree receives her payment and tells Tallis she will escort Josmael back to his clan, and then return to Nevarra.

Reaver[edit | edit source]

Nyree using her reaver talents

It is likely that whoever was in Nyree's party while they fought a high dragon knew the secrets of becoming a reaver and taught it to her after the beast was slain. One becomes a reaver through drinking a special potion made from the dragon's blood. According to Josmael, all reavers have to defeat a dragon in order to become a reaver, but it is not actually necessary to kill the beast; this could be part of a legend, or it is just a rite of passage, a requirement set upon future reavers to deem them worthy enough.

Apparently, the more Nyree is hurt, the more powerful she becomes. She utilises reaver skills by taking on a frightening appearance. She uses her abilities to scare enemies; causing them to flee or lowering their morale.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

She claims to have fought alongside Cassandra Pentaghast, a Seeker of the Chantry.

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