Nuncio Caldera Lanos is an Antivan noble hunting for an elven assassin who is hiding among the Dalish atop Sundermount.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Nuncio is involved in the quest A Murder of Crows.

Nuncio asks Hawke, who has had dealings with the Dalish, to track down the assassin he is hunting. When the killer (Zevran) has been found, he explains that Nuncio is also a member of the Antivan Crows who is simply manipulating Hawke.

Afterwards, at the Antivan Camp, Hawke confronts Nuncio and his men with Zevran, and a battle will ensue in which he is killed. Alternatively, Hawke can turn Zevran over to Nuncio, though Nuncio will still turn on Hawke, who will be forced to kill him.

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